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Kristina Spencer
Last Updated: 2 August 2021 • 2 min read

Canada continues to attract international students as a destination for higher education — open-minded, welcoming to foreigners and known for its high quality of living, the White North shows a steady increase in numbers of international students every year. A December 2019 report claimed there was a total of 642,480 international students in the country at all levels, a 13 percent increase from the previous year.

The brilliant thing about Canadian universities is that they offer a wide range of degrees to their students, all of very high standards. The technical skills and knowledge of students who study engineering in higher education are deeply valuable around the globe, and Canadian universities offer numerous courses in various fields and disciplines. 

Graduates that complete an engineering degree in Canada are often seen wearing the Iron Ring, a powerful community tradition that dates back to 1922. Professor H. E. T. Haultain, who taught civil engineering at University of Toronto, together with the English poet Rudyard Kipling — the one who wrote the “Jungle Book” — created the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, a ceremony at the core of which is an iron ring which is given to graduates after they take an ethical oath. 

The ring serves as a reminder to the engineer to live by a high standard of professional conduct and a symbol of one’s pride in the profession. Rumour has it that the initial batch of the rings was made from the beams of the first Quebec Bridge, which collapsed during construction at the beginning of 20th century due to poor planning and design. 

If the ring has not yet convinced you, we put together a list of the best engineering courses at universities across Canada.

University of Toronto

UofT Engineering course is considered to be thes best in the country, boasting 48,000 alumni who give back to the faculty through donations, internships, scholarships and networking. The faculty has 90 student clubs and teams and offers a variety of pathways: chemical, civil, electric & computer, industrial, material, mechanical and mineral engineering. 

The groundbreaking research of the program has an international reputation and has produced over 105 startup companies since 1970. The faculty also offers a professional experience year, a 12 or 16-month co-op term to allow students to experience working in the industry before graduation.

University of British Columbia

UBC Engineering program frequents the Top 30 Engineering Courses ranking. The degree is very hands-on and project-based, with the first year being a foundation year with all students building a strong knowledge base. 

After the first year, students apply for one of the 15 engineering programs available and will begin in second year. Mining and geological engineering anyone?

Waterloo University

Located an hour and half away from Toronto, Waterloo University is one of the country’s most popular schools for engineering. The faculty offers 15 undergraduate programs — 14 professional engineering degrees and one world-renowned architecture degree — and has one of largest alumni networks in Canada. 

Build the next generation of wearable tech and robots in the Mechatronics programme, put yourself at the forefront of nanotechnology or create a VR training program for surgeons at Waterloo’s Software Engineering programme.

McGill University 

Located in Quebec, McGill is probably one of the best-known Canadian universities worldwide. It attracts a large international population — with students coming to McGill from over 150 countries, creating an extremely diverse student body. 

McGill’s Engineering Faculty is widely respected on- and off-campus; from Chemical to Applied Mechanics, students are constantly tackling complex problems of sustainability, health, productivity, design and social justice through collaborative research. The faculty offers a minor in aerospace engineering and the school for urban planning, among a dozen clubs and societies.

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