#WeAreTogether and Edvoy survey shows student confidence in UK study

Nicole Wootton-Cane
Last Updated: 2 August 2021 • less than a minute read

The #WeAreTogether campaign showcases the ways in which UK universities are helping and supporting international students during this challenging period. 

Recent Edvoy poll results show that students are still confident about studying in the UK, even despite COVID-19. Out of the respondents, nearly 54% said they had no concerns about studying in the UK, and even when surveying only those who said their study abroad plans had been affected by coronavirus, nearly 52% still said they had no concerns. 

Previous Edvoy data has also shown that students have a strong interest in studying in the UK in particular, even if they have to start their course online. 

To find out more about what it is about the UK that keeps students coming back, we spoke to one student who has chosen to return to his university campus in the UK this September.

Azeez’s story

Azeez is a Msc International Business with Event Studies (A.I) student from Chennai, India, who is studying at the University of Huddersfield. He said that studying in the UK is something he has wanted to do for many years, and that he feels “sure” he will be taken care of. 

“I’m not anxious about studying in the UK, as we are following the rules laid by the WHO and NHS! The NHS is taking complete good care of the public in providing medical assistance and by maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and sanitisation.”

Azeez said that, whilst his course started being taught in-person prior to coronavirus, he was now being given online teaching, which he still sees as value for money, and is safer for both staff and students. 

The UK, like many other countries, is facing a harsher lockdown this winter as coronavirus cases continue to rise.  Facing lockdown away from home can be a difficult prospect for international students, but Azeez said that he was “very confident that my university would come forward to take care of the student community amidst another lockdown.”

He said that the #WeAreTogether campaign had “reassured the student community” and helped them feel safe.

“Seeing other students share their experience feels great, and we are humbled by the support we get!”

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Nicole Wootton-Cane
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