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There’s no doubt about it, studying at home or abroad can be expensive. Finding out about the reality of how much things are going to cost is essential, and may have implications on your final decision. Helping you to make better, more informed choices is at the heart of what we do, which is why we always tell you the whole truth.


It might be a relief to know that there are hundreds of scholarships and bursaries available to both international and domestic students. As well as key schemes run by the government, individual universities also have their own scholarships and bursaries. We can help you find out whether you’re eligible to apply.

University based Scholarships Country based Scholarships

Want to talk to someone about what the best scholarships or bursaries may be for you? Chat to one of our educational experts now.


How to ace your budget

Whether you supplement your funds with a part time job or not, there are plenty of ways to take the stress out of making your budget go further whilst you’re studying, giving you more time to concentrate on your education as well as enjoying life in a different country.

Student’s will typically require around £10-12,000 per year to pay for accommodation and living costs, with students in London paying significantly more than this.

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