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Do you want to study at a university famed for its research impact?

The University of Regina offers 21 research centres and institutes, over 30 research laboratories, plus 12 Canada research chairs and research partnerships.

Some of the most popular courses include Computer Science, Nursing & Midwifery, and Mathematics, showcasing the range of possibilities open to international students. The University of Regina is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, in addition to providing accessibility services via the Accessibility Hub.

The University of Regina has a lot to offer students

  • 10 faculties
  • 25 academic departments and schools
  • 18 research centres and institutes
  • 3 federated colleges (Campion College, First Nations University of Canada, and Luther College).

Are you worried about adjusting to a new country and academic setting? Do you have inquiries about whether the university you might choose offers support and resources for students from diverse backgrounds? Perhaps you're interested in knowing if attending this university enhances your chances of securing a favourable international job after graduation?

Discover why University of Regina might just be the place for you!

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About The University
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The University of Regina is a public university in Regina, Saskatchewan. It was founded as Regina College in 1911 after the University of Saskatchewan was built in Saskatoon rather than Regina. In 1934 it became part of that university, but 40 years later, it was established as a university in its own right.

It has over 16,000 students with approximately 3,000 of them international students from around 100 countries. The University of Regina is one of the top 50 universities in the world that’s less than 50 years old as well as one of Canada’s top 15 comprehensive universities. It offers more than 120 undergraduate programs and more than 80 graduate programs.

Why University of Regina?

  • Diverse environment - 17.7% of students come from abroad: 14.7 self-declare as indigenous.
  • More than 11 club sports to join in with and over 100 student clubs.
  • Saskatchewan has a high standard of living, high levels of safety and a low cost of living.

Join the thousands of students from around the world who find their footing in a rugged and beautiful part of Canada thanks to the opportunities afforded to international students at the University of Regina.

Graduates from the University of Regina embark on promising career paths within six months of graduation. Join the esteemed alumni of this renowned university and pave the way for a future filled with success, lucrative opportunities, and personal fulfillment.

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Regina is a cultural hub with a long history - situated within Saskatchewan in Canada, the area offers stunning outdoor exploration opportunities, multiple museums and social opportunities such as the Regina Folk Festival and the Regina Dragon Boat Festival.



The University of Regina opened its brand new Centre for Experiential and Service Learning in the autumn of 2022. It aims to provide students with new opportunities to get hands-on experience and learn by doing. This is achieved through workshops, programming, and campus events to gain skills specific to career goals and educational paths. 

Experiential learning is key to the ethos at the University of Regina, with hands-on learning both in and out of the classroom and earning extra credits for doing so. There’s also a student-run Volunteer Centre to help students find more service opportunities in the community as well as career guidance and training in employability skills.


Akiem Hicks

American football defensive end

Nevan Krogan

Canadian biologist

Sylvia McAdam Saysewahum



The University of Regina acceptance rate is 90%.

The University of Regina employability rate is 70.6%.

All international students with an admission average of at least 85% are automatically considered for the International Entrance Scholarship at the University of Regina. Either $3,000 in tuition or housing credit is available. 

The International Student of Distinction Scholarship is available for selected international students applying to an undergraduate degree program directly from high school, with the awards including free on-campus housing and a meal plan. This award is valued at $80,000 for 4 years; 4.5 years for engineering students.


Approx. 3,000

No. of international students


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