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Cégep Marie-Victorin is a public college in east Montreal, Canada. The provider offers 23 courses in academic and vocational subjects through high-quality education and real-life training.

In 1993, the college changed from a private institution to a public college to provide the community with higher education opportunities. Now Marie Victorin has around 3,800 students and over 700 staff. The college is also committed to creating a positive and welcoming environment. Here the success and development of students are nurtured.

What is the Cégep Marie-Victorin acceptance rate?

The Cégep Marie-Victorin acceptance rate is 59%.

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Campus Life

A modern study environment is provided at Cegep Marie Victorin.  Recently, the institution redeveloped some of the on-campus communal areas. These include the main pavilion hall, the Underground Art” tunnel, the main hall gymnasium, the swimming pool and changing rooms and the on-campus library. In addition, two on-site cafes have been upgraded to provide leisure and dining facilities.

For the academic study, Marie Victorin has specialist equipment and resources that meet the needs of the job market and university studies. Students will find high-tech equipment and specialised areas for computing, sciences and design and arts courses.

City life

The Marie Victorin campus is in an urban environment but surrounded by inviting green and natural spaces just outside downtown Montreal. Here students will find a laid-back atmosphere and an inviting local community. Montreal is a diverse city with around 4 million residents, ranging from families, students, retirees and professionals.

There is plenty to experience in the city, including 120 yearly festivals, arts events, sports teams to support and natural outdoor areas to explore. Montreal is also a very safe city for students and it was ranked as the Best Student City in Canada by QS in 2023.


Cegep Marie Vitorin prepares students thoroughly for working life after graduation. The college is a leader in the Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC), which suitably gives students chances to gain working experience and academic qualifications to achieve in the workplace. Furthermore, the institution has several partnerships with organisations and institutions in countries around the world. This international presence gives students opportunities to gain life experiences through internships and projects linked with their area of study.


Currently, international student tuition fees range from $6,000 to $8,000. But students will need to pay additional costs for housing, travel and visas.
Yes, the college has a good reputation for supporting and teaching international students. Marie Victorin also has partnerships with global organisations and companies worldwide to help international students.
The College of General and Professional Teaching (CEGEP) is a Quebec-based organisation that provides higher education opportunities. These colleges provide post-secondary education in academic or vocational courses.
Currently, the college runs some different financial aid options for international students. These options can be explored by students enrolling on specific courses or if they come from a particular country or region. In addition, the college can support applications for aid from the Government of Quebec. Students from low-income backgrounds might be eligible for government support.

The Cégep Marie-Victorin employability rate is 59%.

The Cégep Marie-Victorin is ranked 1373st in the QS World University Rankings.


Approx. 1266

No. of international students


Approx. 8000 USD



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