Studying abroad is more fun with your friends.

Get a cash reward worth £250 by inviting them
2.3K students across the globe have participated and won rewards through our referral program. It’s your turn now!

Here’s how it works

Share your referral link to a friend
Your friend signs up on Edvoy
They apply to a university
They accept an offer and pay the deposit
Your friend joins the University
Get your cash reward!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign in to Edvoy, visit the referral page and get your unique share link. Share the link with your friends. Your friends register with Edvoy, then apply and enrol successfully using the link. On every successful enrolment, you will get a cash reward worth £250 (excluding tax of 10%). Your reward will be processed 3 months after your friend’s admission is confirmed. 

A successful referral is where your friend applies through your unique link, gets the offer, pays the deposit and joins the university. A friend who merely signs up without enrolling is not considered a successful referral.

Your referral will be valid only if your friend signs in using your unique link.

Anyone with an account on Edvoy (successful sign-in with phone number and email address) is eligible to participate in the referral program.

Your reward will be processed 3 months after your friend’s joins the university. Ex: Your friend has enrolled for the Jan 2024 intake. Your reward will reach you by April 2024, once the student is successfully enrolled in the program.

Once you log in and share your code, you can track your active referrals on the dashboard.

There is no limit on the number of referrals. You will win a voucher for every successful referral.

Once your friend joins the university, your counsellor will get in touch with you for your bank details. The cash reward will then be sent directly to your bank account.