We help to change people’s lives for the better, and that’s an amazing business to be in.
To give you a bit of insight about us, we’re a one-stop platform and trusted guide which will help to inform a student’s entire educational journey. We empower students worldwide with information and knowledge to make better, more informed decisions about their future.
At Edvoy, coming to work every day brings great rewards. It’s never just a job; you’ll be helping students from all over the world take their first step on a journey that will shape and define the rest of their lives.
Student empowerment is our reason for getting out of bed every day.
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We expect you to go above and beyond every day, and so in recognition of that we will reward you with amazing benefits to let you know just how much we appreciate your efforts and your hard work.

Culture of learning and Development


Flexible work hours and time off


A global community

Who we look for

Our ambition is to become the world’s best, most trusted, most transparent and innovative education website and consultancy service for students.

But in order to achieve that we need extraordinary people.

We measure our success by the success of our students. Helping people from every walk of life towards a learning journey that is perfectly suited to them is a passion that has simply become a way of life for us. And because of this passion we know exactly who we’re looking for when we interview a new team member.

Career development

We strive to make a difference every single day. Not just for our students, but for ourselves too. We believe that in order to provide the best advice, knowledge and insight, then we need to invest in our own learning and development too.

That’s why we have a great programme of training and development that we’ll support you to succeed with.

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