Manukau Institute of Technology

New Zealand

Manukau Institute of Technology is a technical and vocational education provider in Auckland, New Zealand. The institute provides a range of entry-level courses and preparation programs. It also has a Category One status, provided by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Manukau opened in 1970 and has grown to provide high-quality education for 14,000 students. Nearly 2,000 international students also study at Manukau each year.

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Campus Life

Manukau Institute of Technology is New Zealand’s largest, high-quality institute of technology (ITP). As a result of this status, Manukau is globally recognised as having the highest standard of facilities and technologies to support learning.

Currently, students will find a large on-campus library. Here, students can access course-specific books, articles, and computer resources and speak to qualified staff for book recommendations. Printing and computer resources are also available in the library.

In addition, Manukau has state-of-the-art computer suites with fast internet connections. Also, there is a large fitness centre, the Ōtara Leisure Centre. Here, students can use the heated swimming pool, sauna, spa and explore gym membership options.

City life

Manukau Institute of Technology is Just south of central Auckland. In 2021, Auckland was named as the world’s most liveable city by the Economist. Also, the city ranks in the top 30 for the world’s best student city.

Overall, there is plenty to take in whilst studying in Auckland. It has a diverse cultural history, with people from over 200 ethnic groups living in the city. Also, it has an active social scene, with cultural festivals, sports events, concerts and theatre shows taking place annually. Whilst studying in New Zealand, students can also work up to 20 hours, which presents career development opportunities in Auckland.


Manukau has a strong reputation for providing real-life working experiences for students. The provider specialises in giving students industry-specific knowledge, skills and experience. As a result, many graduates work in their preferred field after graduation. Also, students can work alongside New Zealand-based businesses that support projects and further learning opportunities.


The Manukau Institute of Technology is ranked 4908th in the QS World University Rankings.

Around 70 courses are available at Manukau. Some of the top subjects include Business, Marketing, Media and Communication, English Language, Electrical Engineering, Nursing and Midwifery.
Yes, this is a technology university. As a result, courses focus on work-based skills like technical, vocational and professional training.
During the application process, students can apply for various business, community and government scholarships. In addition, the institution has many financial aid options for students with specific needs. For instance, Manukau offers financial support for students with disability, health needs or financial difficulties. Also, students can apply for some scholarships based on academic or sports-based merit.

Approx. 1,900

No. of international students


Approx 21,807 USD for undergrad and 24,052 USD for postgrad



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