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As the Welsh capital, Cardiff is a bustling city with a rich and impressive heritage.

Students are part of a large international community that makes student life welcoming and diverse. Cardiff also offers a vibrant combination of history and culture.

Boasting more castles than any other UK city, there is plenty to learn about and explore. It is also home to regional headquarters for the BBC and the Bank of Wales, as well as British Airways Engineering.


Thinking about studying in United Kingdom :
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Partner Universities
Annual Tuition Fees
£10,000 - £40,000
Annual Tuition Fees
International Students
International Students
​ Monthly Living Costs
​ Monthly Living Costs

Why study in the United Kingdom?

The UK has an excellent reputation for student life and high quality education.

It is home to some of the oldest, and best universities in the world. Many are renowned for their leading academics, as well as expertise when it comes to research. Students are recognised for their leading knowledge and the high-quality of their qualifications, which sets them apart.


This is due to the focus in the UK on small-group teaching, investment and attracting leading academics to work in UK universities.


The student life offered in the UK is also diverse. Cities such as London and Manchester offer great nightlife, music and cultural pursuits. Outstanding areas of natural beauty, including the Scottish Highlands and Derbyshire’s Peak District, are home to stunning scenery to hike and walk.


With such an amazing offering for international students, it’s not hard to see why the UK is such a popular destination.

Student life

Studying in the United Kingdom can allow international students to experience the best of student life.

Many universities have integrated halls of residence and students become firm friends with their flatmates and others on their course. 


Societies and sports are a great way to get involved with British life. The majority of universities have Athletic Unions and compete against each other in sports such as rugby, football, netball, and swimming. 


Student Unions are also home to societies and community groups. This includes International Students’ Societies and volunteering groups in the local area. 


You can also work part-time alongside your studies, which is a great way to gain valuable experience and develop your CV. There is also the opportunity to work in the UK after graduation.


Life for students in the UK is fun and rewarding, so no wonder it’s such a popular destination!

Preparing and living in the UK
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