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The second-largest city in Ireland, Cork still has enough small town charm to make it feel like a welcoming city for international students, particularly as it is nestled within some of the most beautiful countryside scenery in the whole country, dotted with medieval castles and charming coastal villages. The city itself is renowned for its food, known as the Culinary Capital of Ireland, so you won’t run out of options for fine dining here.

This more relaxed outlook, low levels of crime - amongst the lowest in the world - and lower cost of living than bigger cities around Europe means that Cork’s 33,000 students can enjoy an excellent quality of life. There’s also a thriving graduate jobs market in the city making it easier for international post-graduates to find a way to make their home from home into their permanent home.

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Why study in Ireland?

The country is known for its friendly people who welcome those from overseas gladly. They’re down for a good time and are famed for partying in pubs and chatting with friends. 

On top of all this, it’s a place blessed with spectacular scenery and diverse cities. If it’s nature you’re after popular destinations include the dramatic Cliffs of Moher and the stunning Killarney National Park.  

For city life you have five to choose from, the most popular being the cobbled streets of Dublin and the eclectic and bohemian Galway. 

With all this on offer, it’s easy to see why studying in Ireland is such a popular choice.

Studying in Ireland
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      Student life

      Studying in the Republic of Ireland can provide a rich student experience. 

      Most universities have services to help students find on-campus accommodation in their first year. Halls of residence offer a great opportunity to meet new people and form lasting friendships. 

      Societies and sports clubs are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in. You could give Gaelic football a go, a traditional Irish team sport, or join an International Students’ Society to meet like-minded people. 

      If you have the right visa, you can also work in Ireland as you study. A great way to earn work experience, save some money, and meet new people outside your university. 

      It’s clear to see that life for international students in Ireland can be an exciting experience.

      Preparing and living in Ireland
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