American University

The American University is a private research university in Washington, D.C., founded in 1893. Over 160 programs are available across eight schools, and a fifth of the student population is international.

Highly regarded, the university is one of the top five feeder schools to the U.S. Foreign Service and other governmental agencies.

What is the American University acceptance rate for International Students?

The American University acceptance rate is 61.4%.

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Campus Life

The university has various facilities available to students, such as the Jacobs Fitness Center with cardio and strength training equipment, and the Katzen Arts Center: a multi-building arts complex with music practice rooms, gallery spaces, a theatre and more art spaces. The A.U. Library has modern architecture with various academic resources and study spaces to offer students.

Notably, the American University has a variety of research centres and laboratories dedicated to areas such as neuroscience, environmental science and more. Bender Arena is a large indoor arena that acts as the home court for the A.U. Eagles volleyball and basketball teams, alongside hosting other significant events.

City Life

Washington D.C. is a bustling tourist destination as it is the capital of the USA. History surrounds the city, with students encouraged to visit the many museums to learn more about the city's heritage. The Smithsonian National Zoo is free and located in Washington DC, so students enjoy seeing some wildlife. 'Monumenting' is another popular student activity because it is free, guaranteed to attract attention on social media and easy to do in a city famed for its many monuments celebrating its rich history.



American University sets future graduates up for career success. Statistics show that six months after graduation, 90% of American University graduates are working, in graduate school, or both. From the U.S. Army to D.C. Schools and beyond, graduates can pursue a fulfilling career in a reputable environment. The internships and study abroad programs facilitated by the university have been shown to help graduates in landing becoming attractive to employers.


The American University is ranked 651-700th in the QS World University Rankings.

American University is well-known for its focus on helping students to make meaningful changes in the world, whether that’s in the political sphere, in education or elsewhere. Their motto, ‘for God and country,’ highlights this mission.
Most U.S. universities will accept U.K. qualifications, including A levels. American universities will be expecting top grades, and you will need to provide a copy of your academic transcript to show the grades you have achieved in your application.
International undergraduate students are eligible for Merit Awards for international 1st-year students, but they are highly competitive and awarded based on a range of factors, including outstanding academic achievement, excellent communication skills in English, leadership, volunteerism, and community service. The A.U. Emerging Global Leader Scholarship is another option for partial funding of a student degree at the American University.


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