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Want to study at one of Paris’ most prestigious fashion and design schools?

With a rich history dating back to its establishment, Atelier Chardon Savard stands as an example of innovation and creativity in fashion and design.

Renowned for its academic excellence, Atelier Chardon Savard has gained recognition both locally and internationally for its exceptional educational offerings. 

Atelier Chardon Savard offers a diverse range of programs, including fashion design, textile design, graphic design, interior design, and more. The institution’s faculty has experienced professionals and provides personalised attention and mentorship to students.

The Bachelor program “Fashion Designer” offered by Atelier Chardon Savard is officially recognised by the French State. It holds registration with the National Council of Professional Certification (CNCP) at Level II.

The institution collaborates with leading fashion houses, design firms, and cultural institutions, offering students valuable internships, workshops, and industry insights.

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Founded in 1988, Atelier Chardon Savard is one of the oldest institutions in Paris. Atelier Chardon Savard fosters a creative and dynamic learning environment. The institution emphasises practical learning through its courses and provides students with hands-on experience and industry-relevant knowledge.

The school’s dedicated faculty, including fashion stylists, designers, and industry experts, guide students through their studies. At Atelier Chardon Savard, students benefit from Creative Directors, Fashion Designers, Stylists, and other fashion professionals in the field and partnering institutions.

Why Atelier Chardon Savard?

  • The institution’s alumnus comprises reputed fashion designers, textile artists, creative directors, and graphic designers.
  • Each year, the school showcases the achievements of its students in the annual fashion show. This event is a platform for budding designers to display their creativity and skills.
  • Whether within the Paris campus or the vibrant atmosphere of its Nantes campus, the institution continues to nurture students and create fashion professionals.


Located in the heart of Paris, in the Oberkampf neighbourhood, Atelier Chardon Savard is close to world-renowned fashion houses and iconic landmarks. The city’s streets, museums, fashion boutiques, and cafes serve as inspiration for budding designers and offer a fun-filled life for students.


Atelier Chardon Savard's reputation for excellence and strong industry connections pave the way for graduates to embark on successful careers in fashion and design. Graduates often find roles in design houses, fashion brands, and media outlets.


Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Fashion Designer


Atelier Chardon Savard is one of Paris’ most prestigious fashion and design schools. It offers the following degree courses - Fashion Designer, Fashion Brand Designer, Fashion Communication Manager, Style Makeover Coach.

The acceptance rate of Atelier Chardon Savard is 12%.