Atelier de Sevres


Are you looking to study at one of Paris's most renowned art foundation schools?

Acclaimed for its rigorous academic programs and distinguished faculty, Atelier de Sèvres continues to empower students in their artistic expressions.

Its reputation within the art and design community is recognised globally in creating the next generation of artists and designers.

Atelier de Sèvres provides many programs in fine arts, illustration, animation, and more. The institution’s experienced faculty members help students explore their artistic interests and develop their skills.

The institution offers bachelor’s degrees in animation, and art & technology, taught in English. These courses help students explore their creativity through videography, virtual reality, and more. Atelier de Sèvres also provides art foundation and animation foundation courses.

Additionally, the institution partners with leading galleries, museums, and organisations, offering students multiple internships and collaboration opportunities.

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About The University
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Dating back to 1887, Atelier de Sèvres is one of the oldest art schools in Paris.

Atelier de Sèvres emphasises practical skills and artistic experiments providing a creative and hands-on learning experience. The institution offers a range of specialised programs in fine arts.

The institution also offers a dynamic learning environment and promotes critical thinking among students. At Atelier de Sevres, students work with industry professionals and alumni in the field and partnering institutions.

Why Atelier de Sevres?

The institution hosts events, exhibitions, and virtual information sessions, ensuring a rich and stimulating experience.

The institution's alumni and industry connections provide support and opportunities for graduates as they navigate their professional journeys. Atelier de Sèvres has an impressive track record for consistently achieving admissions to prestigious institutions such as Beaux-Arts de Paris, Gobelins, and Central Saint Martins in London.


Located in Paris, Atelier de Sèvres is close to world-famous art galleries, museums, and cultural landmarks. Students benefit from easy access to galleries, theatres, and creative hubs and experience an inspiring environment nurturing their creativity.


Graduates of Atelier de Sèvres pursue diverse career paths in the art and design industry. Alumni often pursue careers as artists, designers, and educators. They work with prestigious design studios, galleries, and cultural institutions worldwide. Graduates of Atelier de Sèvres have a high demand in the art and design industry.


Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois

Xavier Veilhan

Xavier Veilhan

Contemporary Artist
Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle

Conceptual Artist


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