Australian Institute of Technical Training

The Australian Institute of Technical Training is located in the heart of Melbourne. Founded in 2007, AITT offers practical learning opportunities in fields such as hospitality, automotive management, and mechanics, to name but a few.

AITT's commitment to excellence in education and its welcoming atmosphere make it a popular choice for international students seeking practical skills and career-oriented training.

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Student Life

Students feel well-supported thanks to the range of resources available at AITT. These include internet-based language resources, audio-visual aids, dedicated computer industry software, and labs. The student resource centre is open so students can utilise various assistance tools to support their learning, with classrooms utilising technological advancements to teach students.


Melbourne is the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria. A famous part of Australia, Melbourne has plenty of riverside restaurants and bars that provide fantastic evening entertainment for people of all ages, including students. For some cultures, students can visit the National Gallery of Victoria to see its showcase of Australian and indigenous art or the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Coffee culture is also huge in the city, much to a student’s delight.

Melbourne was ranked the number one most liveable city in Australia and is known for its diversity, with celebrations such as the Melbourne Italian Festa and Chinese New Year taking place.


The Australian Institute of Technical Training (AITT) strongly emphasises employability, and its programs are industry-focused, so students will be ready to enter the workforce. The connections AITT has with industry partners enable students to pursue opportunities for internships and work placements. The Institute also offers career guidance and support services such as CV writing workshops and interview preparation so students can easily transition to the working world.


AITT strives to accommodate the needs of its students and may offer flexible study options.

AITT can assist eligible international students in the visa application process by providing the necessary documentation to support the student visa application.

AITT utilises various assessment methods to evaluate student progress and performance. These may include examinations, assignments, practical assessments, projects, presentations, and group work.

International students can access a variety of scholarships when studying at AITT. The Institute offers scholarships to assist students in their academic pursuits based on various criteria, often including merit-based scholarships and needs-based scholarships. Eligible students may receive financial assistance for tuition fees, course materials, or living expenses. AITT aims to empower students to pursue their educational aspirations and create a more inclusive and diverse learning community.