Australian Vocational Training Academy


Australian Vocational Training Academy (AVTA) is situated in Melbourne and the academy is passionate about providing high quality, practical education. Founded in 2000, it is a modern educational institution that provides good value training and assessment to prepare students for their future career pathways.

Inclusivity is a huge part of the academy’s operation, with staff speaking over 14 languages combined and students travelling from all over the world.

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Campus Life

The Australian Vocational Training Academy takes great pride in providing exceptional facilities for international students. The academy contains state-of-the-art classrooms and specialised training spaces that come complete with modern technology and resources. Students also have access to well-stocked libraries with a vast collection of academic materials, research databases, and digital resources to support their studies. Recreational facilities such as sports fields, fitness centres, and common areas are more communal areas available for student use. Support services such as counselling and career appointments are available to ensure that international students receive the necessary support.

City Life

AVTA is located in Melbourne, the second most populated city in Australia. Students can go on a trip to the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Zoo, the Royal Botanic Gardens or even enjoy a leisurely day out in the sun sampling treats at Melbourne’s markets. Melbourne has fantastic employment opportunities for students and a high quality of life, complete with the famous Australian sunshine.


AVTA provides job placement assistance to students. The academy has strong industry connections and collaborates with employers to facilitate internships, industry placements, and job opportunities for students.

AVTA offers part-time study options for certain programs. Part-time study allows students to balance their education with other commitments. It's recommended to check the program-specific information and discuss part-time study options with AVTA's admissions office.

AVTA may consider credit transfers for relevant courses completed at other recognised institutions. The acceptance of credit transfers is subject to AVTA's credit transfer policies and the alignment of the previous coursework with the program's requirements. It's advisable to contact AVTA's admissions office for specific information and guidance regarding credit transfers.