College of Marin

United States

College of Marin is a public community college in Marin County, California, with two campuses, one in Kentfield and the second in Novato. Established in 1926, it is the only institution operated by the Marin Community College District.

Approximately 100 international students enroll in the University’s International Student Program annually.

What is the College Of Marin acceptance rate?

The College Of Marin acceptance rate is 100%.

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Campus Life

College of Marin has a library on each campus that provides research assistance, access to print and electronic resources, and study spaces to students. Multiple science labs are in place to deliver hands-on learning experiences to students, so they have specialized facilities. The fitness center has a program students can use to stay active and healthy, and the Performing Arts Center features a 400-seat theater with rehearsal spaces and classrooms for performing arts. Students with a family have access to two Child Development Centers to focus on their studies.

City Life

Marin County is recognized for having incredible scenery. From the mixed evergreen forest to the Coast Redwood Forests, there is plenty of exploring for students. Regarding tourist hotspots, Marin County is close to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Fresh seafood such as BBQ oysters are available for students to diversify their palette, while low-cost drinks can be found at the quirky Papermill Creek Saloon. There are numerous sandy beaches in Marin County, with souvenir shops to send back home. Students who enjoy the outdoors have fun kayaking in areas like Tomales Bay or at Alamere Falls.


The Career and Transfer Center at College of Marin provides career fairs, job shadowing programs, and CV help to students serious about preparing for their future careers. The academic programs available at the University help students develop in-demand skills. Students are encouraged to explore the possibility of participating in elective courses to promote their talents further. Job search strategies and tips for acing an interview are other avenues available to students from the career services available at the College of Marin.


The College Of Marin acceptance rate is 100%.

The College of Marin offers around 60 degree and certificate programs in various fields.

The student-to-faculty ratio at College of Marin is approximately 17:1.

Around 1,231 undergraduate students attend College of Marin every year.

The College of Marin provides lots of international scholarship opportunities. The International Student Scholarship is awarded to international students who have completed at least one semester at College of Marin and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. The International Student Emergency Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to international students experiencing unexpected financial hardships that may affect their ability to continue their studies at College of Marin. The Study Abroad Scholarship is available to international students who wish to participate in a study abroad program at College of Marin, but the amount varies depending upon the program.



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