College of San Mateo

United States

College of San Mateo is a public community college in San Mateo, California. Located in the northern corridor of Silicon Valley, the University has been a gateway to higher education since 1922.

CSM offers various programs, including traditional, semester-length, and short courses and distance education. The 153-acre site is situated idyllically in the San Mateo hills, providing a stunning view of the famous San Francisco Bay. Approximately 325 international students from different nationalities attend the University each year, making the campus a hive of multiple cultures.

What is the College of San Mateo acceptance rate?

The College of San Mateo acceptance rate is 100%.

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Campus Life

The library offers a range of resources, including books and online databases. The Learning Resource Center is the leading academic support center on campus, where students can access study skills workshops, tutoring, academic counseling, and more resources. Specialized learning is empowered via spaces such as the Science Building and Creative Arts Building, where facilities such as science labs, a theater, and more amenities are available. The Health & Wellness Center gives students health services, including medical care, counseling, and wellness coaching.

Fitness is a big part of many student’s lives. The gymnasium includes a full-size basketball court and weight training room for sporty students. Tennis courts, soccer, and softball fields, and a track and field complex can also be accessed throughout the campus.

City Life

San Mateo is known for being a scenic and diverse area with a liberal attitude. Californians are recognized for their laid-back attitude, so students can enjoy many leisure activities in the San Mateo sunshine, from sipping cocktails in the beachside bars to surfing the waves. San Mateo is a safe and family-friendly area that still provides students plenty of fun and relaxation opportunities. San Francisco and Silicon Valley are located nearby, with tourist attractions totting up to occupy a student’s time throughout the duration of their course.


The college's Career Services Center helps students to develop their CV and cover letter writing skills, explore which career might be best for them, and network with potential employers. The academic programs the University offers span from business to healthcare, with the practical learning style aiding a student’s professional development. The industry partnerships the University enjoys empowers students with connections to internships and practical work experience.


The College of San Mateo acceptance rate is 100%.

College of San Mateo graduates go on to a starting salary of $29,000.

The approximate student-to-faculty ratio at College of San Mateo is approximately 25:1.

Business and Social Science Research Methods are the two most popular majors at the College of San Mateo.

International students are supported by scholarships which have a range of financial needs. International Student Scholarships are granted to international students who have completed at least 12 units of coursework at the College of San Mateo and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. The International Student Book Scholarship has slightly more lenient criteria as it is available to international students who have completed at least six units of coursework at the College of San Mateo with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Foundation scholarships have a variety of eligibility criteria, ranging from academic achievement to financial need.

The College of San Mateo employability rate is 47%.



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