DEA Canadian College


DEA Canadian College is a global vocational training college in North Vancouver. The establishment runs programs for Languages and English as a Second language (ESL). Also, DEA has quality programs for Childcare, Business and Healthcare. Today, the institution has helped thousands of students in Canada and from countries around the world.

Through career development courses, DEA prepares students for the working world with hands-on and academic training. Many students find work post-graduation in their field of study.

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Campus Life

DEA Canadian College has many on-campus facilities for study and leisure. Modern and spacious classrooms cater for positive learning experiences in a comfortable setting. Also, there are many social areas for studying and socialising with other students. These include a library, TV room and shared dining areas. Students will also find fast WIFI and computer equipment to help with learning resources.

City life

Outside of the DEA campus, students will find a safe, friendly and diverse community in North Vancouver. In recent years, Vancouver has been named one of the most liveable cities worldwide and this experience is the same for students.

Located in the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia, Vancouver also has some wonderful natural areas to explore. Nearby beaches and mountains make the city unique for hiking and winter sports. Alternatively, there is plenty to explore in downtown Vancouver, such as Stanley Park, Vancouver Aquarium and Granville Island market.


DEA Canadian College provides a long-term support network for students. Therefore, the college helps students successfully from enrolment to finding job opportunities towards the end of a course. As a result, many students go into teaching, Business and Healthcare professions shortly after graduating from DEA.


Yes, the college is accredited by the Languages Canada organisation.
DEA runs courses in Languages, Education, Childcare, Healthcare, Dentistry and technical subjects.
International students are advised to speak to a consultant at the college before applying. Then, students sign up for the college’s online portal where further admissions information is available. Once accepted, you will need to provide evidence of documentation such as passport and visa information.
To give students the best possible chance to achieve their career goals, DEA has various financial support options. First, the college’s staff can guide international students on applications for Provincial Government Student Assistance and with The Royal Credit Line for Students applications. Also, DEA Canadian can help with payment plans to suit students’ needs.

Approx. 17,845 USD