Drew University

Drew University is a private institution in Madison, New Jersey. It is ranked seventh in the USA for international students, with a range of programs and services designed to enfranchise everybody on campus.

Founded in 1867, the university has developed a reputation for social justice and promoting diversity. It’s also known for being one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country, as it ranks highly every year.

What is the Drew University acceptance rate for International Students?

The Drew University acceptance rate is 79.7%.

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Campus Life

Drew University has modern facilities that help students excel in their studies. The Rose Memorial Library and Methodist Library are the two main libraries on campus that provide access to over one million print and electronic resources. Specialized laboratories in chemistry, biology, psychology and others were installed for students to access the necessary equipment for their course easily. It also allows for research possibilities to be realized.

The Drew Athletics and Recreation Center provides programs for the university community to stay active, but team sports are also beloved. From cardio equipment to the Campus Recreation hosting the Drew Olympics, sports and fitness is well-catered to on campus. Performance opportunities come from the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts, Concert Hall and the Simon Forum and Athletic Center.

City Life

Madison is a college town in New Jersey populated full of young people and resembles the setting of a Hallmark holiday film. The local restaurants provide an authentic dining experience along Main Street, where the hub of activity happens, and the quaint shops give students plenty of downtimes to explore the local culture. New Jersey is famous for its food, music, sandy beaches, and boardwalks. There are many unique activities to do in town, so students will always find a way to entertain themselves beyond the Drew University campus, with New Jersey often coming in the top five in polls for the happiest state in the USA.


Drew University prepares graduates for employment by offering high-quality degree programs in various disciplines that lead to work. Students can make an appointment for career counseling, and help with their job search and interview preparation, among other services. Internships and networking opportunities are plentiful throughout a degree program, which also make a student look attractive to future employers. Professional development programs also help students through workshops, seminars and other courses.


The Drew University is ranked 1407th in the QS World University Rankings.

The Drew University employability rate is 94%.

While it is not a dry campus, alcohol is only permitted at student events for a maximum of 4 hours. In addition, Drew University staff members must be present at all CLA student organization events serving alcohol.
Drew University makes no religious demands of its students but is affiliated with the methodist faith.
International students can apply for financial assistance through various scholarships. Drew University is participating in the Fulbright Program to provide scholarships for international students to study in the United States. Some scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and extracurricular activities, while students with exceptional talent in theater, music or athletics can benefit from talent scholarships. Global Diversity Scholarships are awarded to international students who have demonstrated a vision of promoting diversity and inclusion, something the university prioritize on its campus. The Drew University Office of Financial Assistance is where students can check their eligibility and finalize their application for a chosen scholarship.


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