Gannon University

Gannon University is a private, non-profit Catholic higher education institution in Erie, Pennsylvania. 

Situated only a short walk from the banks of the stunning Lake Erie, the campus is bright, diverse and welcoming. 

The university has a broad range of co-curricular options, as well as exceptional facilities and a busy and close-knit community atmosphere. 

Situated only 100 miles from Niagara Falls, the University sits on the edge of the US-Canada border, offering plenty of opportunity for travel, as well as a easy commute to local jobs.

What is the Gannon University acceptance rate for International Students?

The Gannon University acceptance rate is over 83%.

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The Gannon University acceptance rate is over 83%.

The Gannon University employability rate is 90%.

The Gannon University is ranked 401-500th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.