Gannon University

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About the University

Gannon University is a private, non-profit Catholic higher education institution in Erie, Pennsylvania. 

Situated only a short walk from the banks of the stunning Lake Erie, the campus is bright, diverse and welcoming. 

The university has a broad range of co-curricular options, as well as exceptional facilities and a busy and close-knit community atmosphere. 

Situated only 100 miles from Niagara Falls, the University sits on the edge of the US-Canada border, offering plenty of opportunity for travel, as well as a easy commute to local jobs. 


Campus Life

Accommodation options are varied and focus on ensuring that students are engaged with the community to compliment their learning. 

Student life

Gannon University has over 100 student organisations that you can join, with their student-run Activities Programming Board organising fun events including speakers, concerts and trips. 

There are also travelling opportunities and programmes as well as student media. The Knight Club is an on-campus facility which is the hub of student life, offering dining, live music, entertainment and events.


Byan Bizzarro (politician), Aaron Cox (athlete), Barbara Smith Warner (politician), John Stehr (journalist), William Gehrlein (researcher)

4444 Students
4444 Students

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