Kent State University

United States

About the University

Kent State University is a multi-campus institution in Ohio, United States. 

With a strong reputation for its performing arts programme and co-curricular opportunities, as well as its academics, it is a popular destination for international students. 

With over 300 course programmes and a strong research portfolio, Kent State provides a firm foundation of teaching and learning for its students. 


Campus Life

Kent State offers 25 on-campus residence halls for students, all of which are located on the main campus in Kent. Communal dining areas and spaces are shared between a group of halls, which allows strong community bonds to be developed between students. 

The university offers over 300 programmes and has an excellent reputation for its research. The main campus is home to over 100 buildings alongside open greenery and gardens. 

Student life

The university has a broad and diverse range of opportunities for students at all of it's campuses, as well as a strong Greek life system. 

Sorority houses are predominantly located on Fraternity Drive and fraternity houses are situated throughout the city of Kent. 

There is also a strong performing arts programme, as well as opportunities in student government, student media, community service and sports. 

Kent State has one of the most promising athletic programmes in the country.


Thrity Umrigar (writer), Gerald Tinker (athlete), Betty Sutton (politician), Justine Siegal (coach), Connie Schultz (journalist), Rich Rollins (athlete), Alice Ripley (actor), Nate Reinking (athlete), Dav Pilkey (author), Thurman Munson (athlete), Betty-Jean Maycock (Olympian), Emma Johnson (athlete)

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