Santa Monica College

United States

Santa Monica College is a public community college founded in its namesake city in 1929. The college offers over 180 degrees and certificate programs in animation, business, and web development. Academic excellence is a cornerstone of the college’s reputation, as the courses are taught by award-winning artists, scholars, and scientists.

Significantly, the college has the highest number of transfers to University of California campuses than any other college in the country. International students are attracted to the opportunities awarded at Santa Monica College, with around 3,300 international students from over 100 countries enrolled in courses each year.

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Campus Life

At Santa Monica College, students experience a stimulating environment with top-notch facilities. The college boasts state-of-the-art classrooms, and the campus is peppered with fully-equipped science and computer labs that let students unleash the power of experimentation and innovation. The library offers a vast collection of books, digital resources, and cosy study nooks for students to enjoy. Multiple trendy cafes and eateries are dotted throughout the campus to offer an array of culinary treats to please all palettes. For fitness enthusiasts, the sizable gymnasium, sports fields, and fitness centre offer the latest equipment. The performing arts centre is a stage for creativity, hosting captivating concerts, theatre productions, and dance performances that entertain audiences.

City Life

Santa Monica is one of the most popular destinations on the West Coast of California. Its famous beach is an expansive 3.5 miles long, with sandy shores and the lauded Santa Monica Pier. It features a world-famous amusement park, aquarium, Ferris wheel, shopping, restaurants, and more! Many international students are attracted to the laid-back, liberal and inclusive Santa Monica lifestyle as it allows them to pursue left-field leisure activities alongside their artistic dreams.


Santa Monica College is committed to enhancing students' employability through various programs and resources. The college offers career development services, including workshops, career counselling, CV building, and interview preparation. Additionally, Santa Monica College develops strong industry connections and experts in various fields, often giving guest lectures, networking events, and internship opportunities that increase a student’s employability. Students also benefit from the college's location in the bustling city of Santa Monica, which offers a thriving job market and proximity to diverse industries.


The acceptance rate is 100% for Santa Monica College.

Santa Monica College is the leader in transferring African American and Latino students to University of California campuses.

The International Education Center can provide guidance and support in finding suitable accommodations.

Santa Monica College has a strong transfer program, and many students successfully transfer to four-year universities.

Santa Monica College offers several scholarships designed to support international students' educational journey. The International Student Scholarship is a merit-based award that recognises outstanding academic achievement and provides financial assistance to international students. The Global Citizen Scholarship celebrates students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, community involvement, and a commitment to positively impacting their local and global communities. The International Honor Scholarship is another scholarship offered to international students who have excelled academically.

Additionally, Santa Monica College offers the Study Abroad Scholarship, which provides funding opportunities for international students to participate in study abroad programs and gain cross-cultural experiences.


Approx. 2000

No. of international students