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St Francis Xavier University is a higher education establishment in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a public liberal arts institution that mostly provides undergraduate courses. However, several postgraduate options are also available. 

The facility is part of the Maple League group - a selection of universities in Eastern Canada. It is one of the oldest and most well-known higher-education centres in Canada. In addition, the university has a good reputation for developing academic and personal skills students in a friendly environment.

What is the St. Francis Xavier University acceptance rate for International Students?

The St. Francis Xavier University acceptance rate is 75%.

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Campus Life

At St Francis Xavier, students will find modern and state-of-the-art facilities. Since 1996, the campus has undergone a $230 million renovation to improve and add certain facilities to the university. These include the Gerald Schwartz School of Business, the Coady International Centre and the St. Francis Xavier Physical Sciences Centre.

A variety of sporting facilities are also accessible to students. Among them are the Alumni Aquatic Centre and 8. Amelia Saputo Centre for Healthy Living.

City life

The St Francis Xavier campus is located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Just a 15-minute drive away, students can reach the ocean or the surrounding hills and mountains, and there are plenty of local hikes and biking routes. Furthermore, students have a strong and historic link with the local town of Antigonish. As a result, students often integrate into the community and participate in or spectate local events, such as the Highland Games. Many attendees also head into Antigonish between studies for meals and cafes for some downtime.


After graduation, many students move into their fields of study. Also, the university’s reputation as one of the leading undergraduate institutions in Canada presents good post-graduate opportunities for internships and employment. Furthermore, current students can utilise careers advice and the Student Success Centre to increase their chances of employment after finishing a degree.


Yes, the university is one of the most well-known and prestigious in Canada.
Student fees for applicants vary depending on the course and whether you are an international student. Currently, fees range from 8,087 CAD to 18,740 CAD at the undergraduate level.

Yes, international students can apply to this university. Students from 46 different countries currently study at St Francis Xavier.

Yearly, St Francis Xavier offers over $500,000 annually in financial support and more than $4 million in scholarships and financial aid to students. Some of the current scholarship options include National Entrance and Application-based scholarships. Also, bursaries and financial aid are given to need-based applicants to the university.

The St. Francis Xavier University employability rate is 87%.

The St. Francis Xavier University is ranked 801-1000th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.


Approx. 9,000 USD



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    801–1000th (2022)