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The University of Illinois at Chicago was founded in 1982 when the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle and the University of Illinois at the Medical Center joined forces. Today, the university still focuses on pharmacy and nursing but also covers subjects like communication, education, law and public administration.

There are around 34,000 students at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with an international community of over 4,000 international students, scholars and employees.


What is the acceptance rate for University of Illinois at Chicago?

The University of Illinois at Chicago’s acceptance rate is 78.8%.

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Students are spoilt for choice when it comes to on-campus accommodation. Undergraduates usually live on the east side of campus, in the Commons North; South; West, Courtyard residence halls, and in the Academic & Residential Complex.

The south side of campus consists of residence halls: Thomas Beckham, Marie Robinson and James Stukel Towers and stunning views of the Chicago skyline. UIC’s health science colleges are near the Single Student Residence Hall and Polk Street Residence Hall on the west side of campus. Living learning communities allow you to live with students with similar interests and majors. Most neighborhoods are only a bus ride away from the UIC campus, so many second and third-year students choose to live off-campus.

The Richard J. Daley Library at UIC supports all its students' research and learning interests by providing them with a wealth of digital and print resources, including an extensive database of information and over 2 million books and journals. The variety of research tools available at the university, including specialized science and engineering laboratories, supports researchers. Designated World Health Organization Centers are in place at UIC and the Illinois Board for Higher Education Official Centers and Institutes.

The UIC Forum is a large venue with a total capacity of 3000 people and hosts various events, including conferences, performances and lectures. The Student Recreation Facility is a first-rate fitness center offering multiple health programs such as group fitness classes and cardio and weight training. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jane Addams has a campus museum dedicated to her work and history for students to explore.

Grab a coffee at one of the many cafes around campus before taking a green campus tour to learn how the university plays its part in combating climate change. Over 350 registered student organizations are available to join on campus, from sports clubs to social justice organizations and beyond. There is also a buzzing arts community on campus, with many performances and gallery events throughout the year. A strong athletic program exists on campus with recreational sports leagues and personal training classes available for students to enjoy when they are not studying. The UIC community service office also connects willing students with volunteer opportunities to foster an even greater sense of community and get involved in events regularly on campus.

Chicago is famous for many things, including jazz and blues music, journalism opportunities, and pizza! Students will never be short of activities here, as the music and food scene still thrives today. From sampling fresh deep-dish pizza to capturing the birthplace of modern architecture on a polaroid camera, there is always an exciting way to lead a fulfilling life while living here. Multiple museums provided a guided tour of the Windy City’s history in different areas, from the American writers' museum to the Art Institute of Chicago and beyond. The nightlife is wonderfully diverse, and there are plenty of employment opportunities post-graduation.


Graduates from UIC are well-placed to head out into the field of their chosen industry, as the university has a good reputation for producing work-ready and well-rounded graduates. Career services such as networking with potential employers and learning more about available internships or job opportunities are available whilst students are still studying so they can get a step ahead of the competition. Several of the academic programs offered at UIC provide internship and co-op programs so students can apply what they have learnt.


UIC supports its international students in many ways, including financially. The International Student Scholarship is awarded to international students who have demonstrated academic achievement and financial need. The Global Leaders Merit Scholarship has a higher value of $10,000 per year and is awarded to a limited number of first-year international students who have demonstrated leadership skills, academic excellence, and a commitment to community service. The International Tuition Waiver Scholarship is awarded to international students who demonstrate financial need while the International Partnership Scholarship is for international freshmen who are sponsored by a UIC international partner institution. There are also several study abroad scholarships available to bolster international study abroad experiences.



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