University Canada West


About the University

University Canada West is principally a business programme focused university located in the vibrant city of Vancouver. 

With a range of career-focused programmes, with teaching at their downtown campus, it is a popular destination for many international students. 

An exciting co-curricular life makes this a great choice for anyone looking to develop real-world skills alongside their qualification. 


Campus Life

The university doesn't have it's own on-campus accommodation, but has partnered with a local agency to help students find their ideal residence.

University Canada West has a broad range of facilities at their six-floor campus building in the heart of a popular Vancouver neighborhood. 

Their latest campus, Vancouver House, is located in one of the highest profile developments in the city's recent history and offers students a great place to learn and study.

Student life

Vancouver is a great city for students to live in, and University Canada West helps everyone explore and enjoy it as much as possible during their time there. 

Excellent public transportation makes the city accessible and the amenities offered through city living are unrivalled.



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