University of Kansas

United States

The University of Kansas (KU) is a public higher education provider in Lawrence city. Since its opening in 1866 and serving just 55 students, the university has grown rapidly. Currently, KU provides over 400 courses from undergraduate to postgraduate levels and around 30,000 students are enrolled.

KU is also well known for its history and tradition and it has become one of the most esteemed higher education providers in Kansas state.

What is the University of Kansas acceptance rate for International Students?

The University of Kansas acceptance rate is 92.5%.

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Campus Life

KU has a reputation as a premier research university in the US. As a result, it has many top-level facilities and resources on campus. First, the university has six libraries where students can find books, articles, databases and online learning facilities. Students can also use the libraries for individual or group study.

The KU campus is also home to several museums including the University of Kansas Natural History Museum and the Spencer Museum of Art. Here students can find further research resources and browse historical and cultural artefacts.

Furthermore, students can use various sports and wellness facilities on campus. These include a fitness centre, sports complex and tennis and volleyball courts.

City Life

Lawrence is a small but diverse city in Kansas with plenty to explore. First, downtown Lawrence is a thriving area with bars, live music events, shopping and restaurants. In particular, Massachusetts Street is a lively spot where students often meet during term time.

Also, the city is surrounded by many parks and outdoor areas, where students will find plenty of activities. Lawrence has over 100 miles of hiking trails and paths and 54 public parks. Here students will find official hiking trails and outdoor activities like cycling and boating.


KU is a well-connected university with over 350,000 alumni worldwide. Several graduates have also achieved greatness in their respective fields, with 12 MacArthur Fellows, seven Pulitzer Prize winners, four NASA astronauts, and three Nobel Prize laureates graduating from the university. KU also prepares students for working life with career coaching and advice services. Students actively participate in employability events, with around 1,000 students taking career courses each year.


KU is a prestigious and historic university in the US known for its long-standing reputation as a US higher education provider.

The University of Kansas is ranked 304th in the QS World University Rankings.

Currently, students can choose from over 400 courses from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. KU also has 16 academic departments including Law, Medicine, Engineering, Business, Health, Arts and more.
Students can apply for various scholarships at the University of Kansas. Furthermore, international students have specific scholarship options available. For example, students from abroad can apply for the KU International Excellence Award, which waives first-year or transfer students’ tuition fees. Other financial support options include the KU Transfer Scholarship and the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship.

The University of Kansas employability rate is 96%.


Approx. 1,700

No. of international students


Approx. 27,590 USD



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