Warsaw University of Economics


Established in 2002, the Warsaw University of Economics has built a global reputation by offering students a practical approach to classes and friendliness to international students from its base in Poland. Managerial economics and international trade are just two lucrative courses students are offered at the University. More than 500 international students from more than 50 countries around the world enroll to enjoy world-class tuition every year.

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Student Life

Warsaw University of Economics provides students ready access to many learning resources, modernised classrooms and educational tools. The digital and print resources in the spacious library enable students to study with readily available tools for learning, while the common areas provide a respite for socialising. Different food preferences are catered to via the food outlets available on campus and nearby to the University. Students can also find mental and physical health support via the sports facilities.


The University is situated in the Mokotów district of Warsaw. An excellent place for students to explore Polish culture, it is known as the ‘cool neighbourhood’. Poland has one of the lowest cost of living expenses in Europe, so international students find the historically rich country fits well within their budget. Warsaw boasts an architecturally impressive cinema, museums, restaurants and more for students to enjoy in their downtime. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the birthplace of the legendary classical composer Chopin.


The Warsaw University of Economics is one of the city's most prestigious learning environments, ensuring graduates are well-placed to find a reputable job in the many businesses surrounding them. Given how bustling the city is with international companies, many international students find a work placement during their studies and go on to find long-term employment within the same company.


The University is one of the most prestigious universities in Poland.

Warsaw University of Economics was established in 1906.

There are around 800 faculty members at Warsaw University of Economics.

The acceptance rate for Warsaw University of Economics is 25%.

Warsaw University of Economics offers scholarships to international students who require help funding their studies. Applicants will receive a €1000 discount for their first year of study. Available scholarships include the Rector scholarship, Social scholarship, the scholarship for persons with disabilities and allowance aid. More generalised scholarships may also be available and should be researched by the student.


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