How to clear your US student visa interview 

Learn easy preparation tips to easily clear your US student visa interview.

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What is a US student visa interview?

A visa interview is the last step of the US student visa process. You need to book an appointment in your nearest US consulate and attend the interview on the appointed date. A visa officer will ask various questions to check if you are genuine in your intentions to be an international student in the USA. 

What is asked in a US student visa interview? (With sample Q&As) 

The questions will generally be about your background, your educational qualifications, your ambitions and your decision to study in the USA.

Example questions:

Note that these questions and answers are just a sample. The visa interview questions can be different from the ones given below but will revolve around the same topics. Use the answers as a reference and come up with your own answers relating to your life experiences. 

  • Where are you going to study?    
    I am going to study at the University of X.
  • Why did you choose this course/university?    
    Architecture is my passion. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I worked for a few years and realised that I needed to develop my skills and learn more to become a better architect. So, I started looking for universities with the best postgraduate course on architecture and X university was at the top of my list.
  • How are you going to support yourself while studying?    
    Both my parents are financially sound, and they have decided to support me during my time in the US.
  • Where do you plan to stay in the USA?    
    I want to experience the complete student life so I will be staying at the on-campus accommodation provided by the university.

5 tips to prepare for your US student visa interview:

  • Read up on the university, city, and course of your choice. The visa officer might ask questions related to this to determine how serious you are about your aspirations.
  • Research about the USA as well. Polish up on the features of the country that led you to choose it as your study destination.
  • Go through your profile. Though you will know your personal history, it is always better to go through them once to be sure. This will help you avoid nervous jitters as you will have all the answers ready to go.
  • Be clear about your financial plans. Having good answers for questions related to your financial plans to fund your studies will show the visa officer that you have thought this through and are responsible.
  • Polish your English language fluency. Start by talking to your family and friends in English. Then you can ask one of them to be the visa interviewer and take up mock interviews.
  • Work on your body language and confidence.  Practise answering a few questions in front of the mirror. Notice your posture, gestures and expressions. By repeating this regularly, you can improve your body language and gain confidence.

Dos and don'ts for doing well in your US student visa interview:


  • Wear a suit or some other professional attire. Keep it neat and straightforward.
  • Smile as you walk in. Greet your visa officer by saying good morning/afternoon and introduce yourself.
  • Keep all the required documents ready and filed neatly with you.
  • Be punctual for your visa interview appointment.
  • Be crisp and clear. Irrelevant long answers with additional unnecessary information are generally frowned upon. Keep it short and straightforward.
  • Show your intention to come back to your native country after finishing your education. Visa officers need to make sure that you are travelling to the USA for the purpose of education only.


  • Wear anything that could be considered inappropriate.
  • Wear strong perfume/deodorant.
  • Try to speak in a forced American accent. Just be clear and understandable in your own neutral accent.
  • Argue with the visa officer. If you have any issues politely and professionally explain your problem.
  • Lie or exaggerate.