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3 of the best medical schools in the US for international students

By Paige Lyman• Last updated: Nov 1, 2023
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Making the decision to apply to medical school is a choice that you’ve no doubt put a lot of thought into. When considering studying abroad in the US, it’s important to look at schools that will offer you specifically what you’re looking for in terms of study programs, culture, ranking, and location.

Choosing the right medical school is a massive choice. Whether you’re looking at schools in California, on the east coast, or in the middle of the US, you want to take into consideration all the different factors that are important in choosing a school.

We’ve taken a look at three medical schools in the US for you to consider applying to. They’ve been chosen based on program offerings, location, ranking, and more. Whatever might be the winning reason for you consider a school, we hope the schools listed can help you narrow down a specific medical school that catches your interest.

1. University of Central Florida (UCF)

The University of Central Florida’s College of Medicine was established in 2006 and was essentially built from the ground up. As a newer medical school, UCF’s program has brought a lot to the medical school arena in terms of innovation and a strong drive to educate those in their program. With a biomedical science program that is the third most popular at UCF, the College of Medicine has much to offer to international students!

The College of Medicine includes learning centers that boast a microscopy lab and a clinical skills center, and is a heavily researched-based school that puts an emphasis on collaboration between their programs and UCF’s already existing strength in areas like engineering, optics, and chemistry. Alongside the in-depth learning programs, students can expect student lounges in several of the medical buildings, a gym, and strong student resources available to them.

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2. University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

The University of Illinois at Chicago has the largest medical school in the US and it consistently ranks in the top 50 US institutions in regards to research expenditures. With more than 33,000 students across all of its schools, UIC has a rich global program that makes transitioning to the campus easier.

UIC offers an MD program as well as several advanced programs in the medical sciences that include a Master of Science in Medical Physiology and a Graduate Education in Biomedical Sciences. With bachelor’s programs that range from kinesiology to neuroscience, their wide range of degree programs in the medical space is appealing for potential students.

UIC also has a large emphasis on offering student support and a diverse MD student life. Through their university hospitals, close ties to Chicago and the city inhabitants are maintained while students are also able to enjoy the setting of Chicago and all it has to offer.

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3. University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi is ranked among the prestigious group of Doctoral Universities for Highest Research Activity by the Carnegie Classification and is home to a major medical school in the US. Also included in the top 100 schools in U.S News & World Report for 2020, the university offers a variety of medical science degrees that range from undergraduate biomedical engineering to a Master of Science in food and nutrition sciences. There’s a host of programs to choose from at the University of Mississippi, making it a popular choice for international students.

To highlight one area of the university's research areas, the Department of Biology offers graduate programs that lead to both M.S. and Ph.D degrees. Faculty in this department also mentor undergraduate students that are participating in research activities. And if research is a big draw for you as an international student, some areas of research include microbiology, evolution, and biodiversity.

Apart from their programs, the university also has a vibrant campus and student support system in place. From the Ford Center of Performing Arts, a lively community, to an effort towards sustainability on campus, the University of Mississippi has a lot on offer for international students.

When considering medical schools in the US, keep the above in mind. Weigh your choices and what you are ultimately looking for in a program, campus, and opportunities.

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