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5 reasons Dublin is a great city to study in

By Aoife O’Mara• Last updated: Nov 1, 2023
5 reasons Dublin is a great city to study in
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Dublin attracts thousands of students from across Ireland and the world to study in one of its many universities. With upwards of 120,000 students completing their third level education in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin has undoubtedly become a great city for students. 

Dublin is a welcoming city that prides itself on its world-class education providers. It is home to four of Ireland’s eight world-ranking universities which include Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Dublin City University and Technological University Dublin. These universities have gone on to produce impressive alumni across a variety of disciplines, which include James Joyce, W.B. Yeats and Bram Stoker. 

Almost a quarter of university students in the city of Dublin are international students. As such Dublin is renowned for its diversity and multiculturalism. The mix of cultures from across the world combined with Irish traditions and culture make Dublin an extremely friendly and unique city. 

There are many reasons why Dublin is a great city to study in, but these are our top 5 reasons!

Great location for travelling

Dublin has frequent flights to most cities across Europe, and they are usually relatively cheap. This is extremely attractive to students wishing to study in Ireland as they have so much of Europe on their doorstep. Dublin is the perfect location to base yourself. You can easily go on a weekend getaway to one of the many sun-soaked beaches or snow-capped mountains that are dotted across mainland Europe. 

From Dublin, the whole country of Ireland is easily accessible thanks to the many bus and rail options. You can explore some of the hidden gems of your new home, quickly and conveniently. Discover the rugged coastline of Ireland’s west coast, the Cliffs of Moher, and the Giants Causeway, which are all just a small adventure away.

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Job prospects

One of the reasons why Dublin is a great city to study in is the work opportunities available here. If you are an international student from a non-European country, you can apply for the Third Level Graduate Scheme. This visa allows international students to work legally in Ireland for up to two years following graduation. Thanks to this visa, students have the opportunity to apply to work for some of the leading multinational companies who base themselves here.

Many of these leading multinational companies base their European headquarters in Dublin due to its convenient location to the rest of Europe. It is not uncommon for these companies to have world-class graduate programmes or internships. Degrees that have been issued in Ireland are looked favourably upon due to the high standard of education provided here. Working in one of these companies can often be a stepping stone to being granted a visa for long term work in Ireland.  

Culture and history

Dublin is an exciting city that is steeped in history and culture. Having been founded by the Vikings in 841AD, the history that surrounds this magnificent place is second-to-none. A quick wander throughout this historical place will leave you spellbound, as you become mesmerised by the ancient castles, Gothic cathedrals and the beautiful Georgian architecture. There are a host of museums and galleries waiting to be explored in Ireland’s capital, many of which are free to enter (which is perfect for a student’s budget!). 

Dublin is renowned for its incredible events and festivals that take place every month. There are annual festivals such as the St. Patrick’s Day Festival that causes the already vibrant city to come alive with dancing, colours and celebrations. Dublin also embraces its live music scene with music echoing from every corner of the city. The streets of Dublin are dotted with various musicians and street performers, and it is not uncommon for these to go on to play on an international stage.  

Relatively small size

Dublin is relatively small in size when compared with other capital cities around the world. This means that everything you need in Dublin will only be a short distance away, so it is perfect for those opting to walk or cycle. The city itself is relatively compact, meaning you can quickly and easily navigate from one side of it to the other on the light rail system (Luas). 

Due to its small size, there is always a possibility of running into friends while out exploring the city. You won’t ever be alone in Dublin as those who have the same interests as you will only ever be a short distance away. The city will begin to feel even smaller when you notice that Irish people are incredibly friendly, are always up for a chat and will smile back at you.

Everything you need to study abroad
Get step-by-step guidance all through your study-abroad journey


Unsurprisingly, one of the main reasons that Dublin is a great city for students is the vibrant nightlife. At night the city comes alive with those looking for a good time. Home to some of the best nightclubs in Europe that usually have specific student nights, Dublin is the perfect place to let loose after a long day at university. If nightclubs aren’t really your scene, fear not, for there are bars and pubs dotted the length and breadth of Dublin. Pubs are the perfect place to grabs some pints with friends, watch a match or dance to a traditional Irish music session. 

However, you don’t need to drink to have a good time in Dublin at night! Some various social events and meetups happen across Dublin, which is the perfect way to meet new people. Sports matches are commonplace across Dublin, and you can either spend the evening watching one or participating in one. 

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