5 benefits to studying medicine in the UK as an Indian student

Updated on: Jul 10, 2024
5 benefits to studying medicine in the UK as an Indian student
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If you grew up in an Indian household, you’ll know very well that almost all Indian parents want their child to become a doctor or an engineer. This dream seeps into the minds of many students who aspire to pursue medicine. If you are one such aspirant, where should you study medicine? You can complete your education in one of the top study destinations in the world.

Here are 5 solid reasons to study MBBS in the UK as an Indian student!

1. Top ranking universities offering high-quality training

The UK is home to many great universities, of which 70 rank high worldwide according to the QS rankings. By choosing any one of these top universities, you will get hands-on training from some of the smartest medical minds in the world.

UK universities also offer a very practical form of training. You will be able to observe doctors consulting and treating real patients from Year I. You can then apply the skills you’ve learnt, developing them in world-leading laboratories and in innovative medical research projects.

Now, why wouldn’t you want to study MBBS in the UK? 

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2. No mandatory donation or capitation fee

India has around 335 universities offering medical courses, of which 181 are private. And most private universities ask students to pay a donation or a capitation fee alongside the yearly tuition to secure their seats. This becomes a significant financial hurdle for many students wanting to study medicine. 

UK universities do not ask for any additional donations from students. There are also multiple scholarships you can apply for to support you while you study MBBS in the UK.

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3. Access to groundbreaking research and world-leading innovation

The UK is a world leader in medical innovation, and this is clear when we look at some of the country's pioneering achievements. 

The world's first test-tube baby was born in the UK in 1976 and the UK was also the first country to conduct robotic surgery in 1991. More recently, researchers in the UK also developed the world's first fully articulated prosthetic hand in 2013. 

By choosing to study MBBS in the UK, you will be able to observe the next medical revolution up close. You will also have the opportunity to work alongside top medical professionals to develop your career with the potential to help people worldwide.

4. More work opportunities and increased employability

The NHS (National Health Service) offers some of the best internship and work opportunities for students studying MBBS in the UK. 

It is a government-funded healthcare system that currently has about half a million employees. Apart from the NHS, many private hospitals and medical research centres are also open to hiring bright young medicine graduates. 

There are also opportunities to work for medical research facilities, some of whom are charities, to build your CV and gather important experience.

Since a UK medical degree is recognised globally, you can also choose to return to India or go to a different country to work after finishing your studies.

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5. International experience

"Experience is the best teacher." Yes, it sounds like a cliché, but it is very true. While studying medicine in a cultural melting pot like the UK, you will have the experience of a lifetime. 

You will be able to study and grow with people from all over the world while at university. And you will be able to meet and help treat people from all over the world. This will help you build important life skills, as well as develop your understanding of cultures and people.

Plus, you will also be able to discover a beautiful country while studying MBBS in the UK.

Considering studying for an MBBS in the UK? Reach out to us and start your educational journey today!

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