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Top ten must-visit student-friendly attractions in New Zealand

By Haripriya Sivasubramaniam• Last updated: Nov 1, 2023
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Exploring a life outside and trying out new things while studying abroad always gives a thrill! It is always the memorable experiences that stay with us even after completing our studies at a faraway place.

Now, if you get an opportunity to study at one of the top universities in New Zealand, make sure that you visit these famous attractions and tourist spots!

10 Must visit student-friendly attractions in New Zealand

1. Rotorua

Rotorua is a Maori town that is the best place to visit in New Zealand. This place is famous for its thermal houses and adventure sports. While you are strolling through Rotorua, do not fail to try skydiving, bungee jumping, and a few aquatic sports. Connect and have a friendly chat with the people of the Maori community there and try learning a few words and sentences from them. You can also enjoy a hot and soft sweet corn cob cooked directly in natural thermal mineral pools and their delicious hangi pie!

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2. Taupo

This is another spot in New Zealand optimum for adventures and aqua sports. You can plan a mountain hike to Huka falls in this region and look out for the starting point of New Zealand’s longest river Waikato! As a part of water sports, you can swim in this river or get high on adrenaline while rafting along the stream.

3. Wellington

Known as the cultural capital of New Zealand, Wellington is home to numerous galleries, museums and small heritage towns. Wellington also makes it to the list of best places to visit in New Zealand. One of the towns in this city is Te Papa. Visit native and cultural exhibitions here. Once you are done, take a stroll along Cuba street, adorned with various cafes and restaurants. Also, Wellington is home to approximately 395k residents. And this is the official capital of New Zealand.

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4. 90-mile beach

From the name, you might have caught a glimpse that this is the longest beach in the country. You can rent a car and drive along the beautiful shore of this beach. Nearby to this spot, there is another famous place, Cape Reinga. This spot is where a lighthouse is located, and you can have an astonishing view of the seaside shore from there. Another fact that may interest you is that two water bodies merge in this region: the pacific ocean and the Tasman Sea!

5. Queenstown

Queenstown is another perfect place to satisfy your adrenaline rush! While you are there, do not miss trying out the Shotover Canyon Swing! But instead of jumping from the top like Bungee jumping, you will sit on a wooden deck tied to ropes. The swing is pushed in a projectile motion in a steep depth, and no feeling can match one’s moment while sitting and swinging from one point of the trough to the other!

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6. Milford sound

One of the most beautiful places in the country. It is adorned with spectacular waterfalls and cliffs. Milford sound is one of the perfect spots to plan your adventure hiking. The hike will take four days, covering nearly 53 kms around the valleys. So plan a weekend with your friends to camp on this site!

7. Auckland

Also known as the “city of sails”, Auckland is listed as one of the best cities for students to start their life according to the QS rank listing. It may not be the capital city of the country, but one of the most famous cities among tourists and one of the most populated cities in New Zealand. This city is also decked up with museums, galleries, and other sightseeing attractions. If you ever get a chance to visit Auckland, try bungee jumping from the Auckland sky tower! All these facts make Auckland one of the best places to visit in New Zealand.

8. Hamilton

A picturesque city where the mountain, the sea and the lakes comprise the region’s biosphere! So when you plan a visit here, make it action-packed! One primary reason to end up here is to go surfing in one of the world’s best surfing spots- Raglan! So, don’t forget to add this point to your bucket list!

9. Hobbiton

Welcome to the magical middle world! Yes, you read that right! The Hobbiton is a collection of places in New Zealand, where most of the sequences from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit franchise were shot. Hobbiton is situated around the Waikato region of the country. But if you want to tiptoe through the particular place where most of the movie was shot, I can pinpoint Wellington. Most of the cast and crew stayed here, and the production works for the film took place.

10. Dunedin

 Last but not least from the list, Dunedin is the first-established university in the country- the University of Otago. Apart from the academic history this place holds, it is also the number one student city in New Zealand according to the QS ranking list! While you are in Dunedin, visit Larnach Castle, Otago Peninsula (home to albatrosses and seals), and the world’s steepest, Baldwin street.

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