9 best universities to study Politics in the UK

Haripriya Sivasubramaniam
Haripriya Sivasubramaniam
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9 best universities to study Politics in the UK

Politics and political studies are a way of learning how power is distributed in a society. It has an impact on decision-making among countries and states.

Politics, history and philosophy- the combination of these three disciplines have always been a fascinating field of study! What is more intriguing than having an undergrad or postgrad degree from a world-renowned university?!

A country like the UK is well known for its constitutional structure and eminent political administration. So, graduating from politics here is like two birds in hand!

Ready to explore the inner politician in you and groom your leadership and administration skills? Here is the list of...

The 8 best universities to study Politics in the UK:

  1. Oxford university
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. Durham university
  4. University of Bath
  5. University of Glasgow
  6. University of Nottingham
  7. Bournemouth university
  8. University of Portsmouth

1. Oxford University

The 3-year undergrad course on history and politics brings two disciplines together into a coherent and stimulating programme. This top course is set from a historical perspective for a modern political system that derives a solution.

This course in this university gets more attention, and the stardom as Oxford’s esteemed political theorists and historians come together to offer a crystal clear course structure. Career opportunities for an Oxford graduate are always in a wide range, so you can either go for it or pursue a masters’ degree at this renowned university.

2. University of Cambridge

Another pro in the field, the University of Cambridge provides undergrad programmes on History and politics and Human, social and political sciences. While the former offers a blend of contemporary politics with views stretched to the historical events, the latter’s course structure focuses on bringing modern sociology, anthropology and international relations altogether on a plate!

Graduates from Cambridge are employment attractive, and the alum of this star campus can be seen as pioneers in public administration, civil services, the law, journalism and public relations. 

3. Durham University

Another best university for politics in the UK, Durham University offers an extensive range of politics, economics and sociology. With the inclusion of over 20 courses ranging from politics and economics to sociology, you can complete both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the school of politics.

The graduates from Durham University to establish a successful career in fields like law, politics, journalism, and civil services.

Explore political courses at Durham university

4. University of Bath

The University of Bath offers political degrees and programmes specifically by shedding a spotlight on concepts that cover political upheaving and the strategies to handle power. 

With the Bath faculties having expertise in conflict studies, international relations, security, nationalism and more, pursuing a politics degree in the Bath opens a gate filled with abundant employment opportunities to take off in your career after graduation. This key factor makes the university one of the bests to study politics in the UK.

Explore political courses at Durham university

5. University of Glasgow

Studying politics in a university like Glasgow always holds a star value. As a politics student at this university, you will be pursuing a three or four-year degree that covers concepts including international relations, political theory and British politics. 

The entire curriculum is designed to keep the students interactive, and subjects are open to interpretation and debate. Also, one unique feature of the programme is, the syllabus structure majorly focuses on a quantitative base studying the data and other numerical case studies. These factors make it one of the best universities for politics in the UK.

Explore political courses at the University of Glasgow

6. University of Nottingham

Another university that is best to study politics in the UK. If you join there as an undergrad, you’ll get a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, politics and economics. The course structure will provide you with the space to study and observe the political and economic stances from a philosophical perspective. 

At the University of Nottingham, you have a broad range of modules to choose from. This fact makes the course flexible. Also, they have a fantastic programme that facilitates your next step to pursue higher abroad while gaining real experience from summer internship opportunities.

The University of Nottingham- what it offers beyond history and politics?
University of Southampton: This university is another feather to studying politics in the UK. You can pursue either an arts degree in philosophy and politics or an integrated year abroad course. 

This course provides a broad perspective to instil your ideas and study the concepts. It covers in-depth images of philosophical ideas that drive the modern political system and offers a core knowledge of democracy and the current state. While studying here, you’ll see yourself in a friendly and flexible environment with the expertise of faculties taught in their research feeds directly into the subjects.

Explore political courses at the University of Nottingham

7. Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University in the UK offers you a wide range of courses based on history, politics and sociology. As a politics student in this university, you can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Politics that covers core foundational concepts on the political system and structure country-specific and globally. Another degree is the Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Economics. You can study everything about the cadres’ integration and their massive role in driving towards a better world. 

In specific, while the former is a structured dynamic course, you’ll be exploring the concepts of justice, inequality, citizenship in the context of pressing global issues. The latter degree provides a broader spectrum on images of international politics and factors that influence health, income and wellbeing.

Explore political courses at the Bournemouth University 

8. University of Portsmouth

The last on the list, the University of Portsmouth is one of the best universities for politics in the UK. As an undergrad applicant, you can choose from politics, History with politics, or international relations. The last two are honours courses.

Each course’s syllabus covers Brexit to global intervention into North Korea to make you study and understand how the political world works. Also, the course structure focuses on developing your research and analytical skills when you are learning historical events that have led to the current administration system. To make the subject more engaging, you’ll be taught to understand British history, the war and its impact on international relations, and an in-depth analysis of global trends.

Explore political courses at the University of Portsmouth

So, are you all ready to set your foot to play the cards? It’s time to bring out the potent administrator, leader and politician in you! 

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