Cost of living in australia for international students

Updated on: Jun 26, 2024
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Cost of living in australia for international students
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Australia is one of the frontrunners in the higher education sector, offering everything an international student needs. From education to expenses, the country proves to be an ideal study destination for providing various options to choose from.

U.S. News has ranked Australia as the 11th best country to study abroad, considering factors like living expenses, academics, quality of life, and many others.

So, what is the actual living cost in Australia for international students? This article gives you everything you need to know about living expenses in Australia and learn about the factors that would contribute to your budget plan.

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Why choose Australia?

Before diving into the numbers, let’s see why Australia would be an ideal study destination for you.

  • Australia is home to thousands of educational institutions that offer globally recognised courses in arts and humanities, medicine, engineering, science, and other disciplines.
  • The country is witnessing a constant surge in international student arrivals as Australia offers a wide range of course programs, research opportunities, scholarships, and job options.
  • The country is widely praised for its rich, yet affordable living standards for international students. Australia is also a pioneer in economic development, paving the way for increased employment opportunities.

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Cost of Living in Australia for international students

An international student’s budget plan comprises various financial factors contributing to peaceful living in a foreign country. Here are the key expenses that everyone should consider before studying in Australia.

  • Education
  • Accommodation
  • Food and groceries
  • Travel outside the country
  • Visa processing
  • Transportation within the country


International students travel to Australia to pursue their undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate, diploma, or foundation courses. The cost for each course varies with the discipline the student chooses.

Here are the average fees for international students for different study levels in Australia.

Undergraduate average course fees in Australia

  • Engineering - AUD 40,800
  • Arts - AUD 42,560
  • Medicine - AUD 70,300
  • BDS - AUD 73,000
  • Law - AUD 33,000
  • Business and Management - AUD 35,600

Data updated as of May 2024

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Postgraduate average course fees in Australia

  • Engineering - AUD 42,400
  • Arts - AUD 33,500
  • Medicine - AUD 93,500
  • BDS - AUD 85,000
  • Law - AUD 47,000
  • Business and Management - AUD 60,000

Data updated as of May 2024

Note: The average fees are a rough estimate international students can expect while studying in Australia. The numbers will vary with the different locations and courses you pursue.

Top universities in Australia

UniversitiesQS Rankings 2025Average starting fee per year (in AUD)
The University of Melbourne1339,000
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)1941,000
The University of Sydney1845,500
Australian National University3042,000
Monash University3730,000
The University of Queensland=4036,000
The University of Western Australia7734,200
The University of Adelaide=8218,500
University of Technology Sydney8815,500
Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia)=13316,000

Data updated as of June 2024

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Competitive exam fees for studying in Australia

English proficiency exams like the IELTS, or TOEFL, and admission tests like the GRE, or GMAT are mandatory requirements in Australian universities for international students. These assessments help the admission committee assess your profile during selection.

Here are the average exam fees for the exams in Australia.

  • IELTS: AUD 445
  • TOEFL: AUD 412
  • GRE (General): AUD 332
  • GMAT: AUD 377

Data updated as of May 2024

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Student accommodation

Accommodations play a vital role in an international student’s higher education life as they often spend most of their time in the chosen place. So students should ensure the accommodation suits their requirements.

Choosing a place near your campus reduces your transportation costs while living on campus further decreases your expenses. But it is important to remember that the costs vary with every location.

  • The private accommodation with a single bed costs AUD 1,700 to AUD 3,300 per month, depending on the city and the locality.
  • On-campus accommodations are comparatively less expensive than off-campus options, costing around AUD 1,600 to AUD 2,800 monthly.

Data updated as of May 2024

Food and groceries

Food contributes to a big part of international students’ budget plan for studying abroad. Australia understands their needs and offers affordable grocery options and food outlets with delicious cuisines to treat their taste buds with dishes from across the globe.

International students monthly had to spend around AUD 560 to AUD 1,120 for food and groceries in Australia. The expenses vary with different Australian locations, the availability of the product, and other factors.

Travel outside the country

International students should set aside a specific amount to visit their home country while studying abroad as flight tickets are often expensive for travelling overseas.

For example, a flight ticket from Australia to India costs around AUD 1,470 to AUD 2,270.

Remember that the travel expenses vary significantly during festival and vacation times. Planning your visit during less busy hours can save you money while studying abroad.

Visa processing

Visas are a mandatory requirement for international students as they need a permit to study in any Australian educational institution they’ve applied to. Students should apply for the Subclass 500 Student Visa that allows them to stay in the country and study for up to five years.

The cost of a Subclass 500 Student Visa in Australia is around AUD 710. Remember that the processing fees vary with every region and other factors.

This visa also allows you to work 48 hours per fortnight while studying in the country.

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Transportation within the country

International students staying on campus spend less on transportation compared to off-campus students. The cost here also differs with the distance between their accommodation and the university.

International students spend an average of AUD 160 to AUD 240 per month on transportation. There are monthly transport passes that would reduce your expenses significantly.

Remember that the numbers are just a rough estimate and the costs would differ with every city nationwide.

Average monthly miscellaneous expenses

  • Utility bills (electric and gas) - AUD 40-80
  • Mobile and internet - AUD 50-120
  • Leisure, sports, and movies - AUD 320-600

Data updated as of May 2024

Cost of Living in Australia city-wise

Throughout the article, you would have gained a fair idea that the expenses vary with every city and region across Australia.

Factors like accommodation, food, education, transportation, and others are different in various cities, so international students should be aware of the expenses before crafting their budget plan.

CityAverage cost
SydneyAUD 55,000
CanberraAUD 49,000
PerthAUD 39,000
MelbourneAUD 36,000
AdelaideAUD 35,000
BrisbaneAUD 35,000

Data updated as of May 2024 | Source:

Note: The costs are only an average of what to expect while studying in Australia. The expenses vary with various factors, including your commute frequency, the times you eat out, engage in social activities, and so on.

Frequently asked questions

How much does living cost in Australia?

Here’s the average cost of living for international students in Australia.

  • Education - AUD 30,000-93,000
  • Accommodation - AUD 1,600-3,300
  • Food and groceries - AUD 560-1,120
  • Travel outside the country - AUD 1,470-2,270.
  • Visa processing - AUD 710
  • Transportation within the country - AUD 160-240

Where is the best place to live in Australia?

Here are the best cities for international students to live in Australia.

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Canberra
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
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What are the visa fees in Australia for international students?

Australia’s Subclass 500 Student Visa for international students to pursue higher education costs around AUD 710.

What are the best courses in Australia?

Here are some top course options for international students to study in Australia.

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Business analytics
  • Business administration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Life sciences
  • Artificial intelligence

Can I work in Australia while studying?

The Australian student visa allows international students to work for 48 hours a fortnight while pursuing their higher education in the country.

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