Top 10 universities to study big data analytics in the UK

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Top 10 universities to study big data analytics in the UK

Companies, users and devices produce large and diverse unstructured data sets continuously. The process of gathering this data and analysing it to extract relevant and useful information is known as Big Data Analytics. This can actually help organisations take highly informed decisions pertaining to their business’s future.

To accomplish this task, Big Data Analysts are required. They analyse patterns in the data to gain insights, then translate that into a language that the business can understand. With a clear focus on operational information and performance trends, these analysts address and resolve business issues by applying predictive analytics.

As a Big Data Analyst you will need good analytical skills to enable you to examine large amounts of data and numbers to find logical insights and to make predictions of future trends. Furthermore, you should possess adequate communication skills, critical thinking skills, math skills, and especially great attention to detail.

The importance of studying big data

There is a growing market for big data analytics across the globe and companies are constantly on the lookout for talented specialists. Undeniably, the big data revolution has arrived with retailers, financial services firms, healthcare organisations, manufacturers and other mainstream enterprises, adopting the technology. IDC estimates that big data and business analytics will grow to more than $203 billion by 2020 and at a CAGR of 11,7%.

Big Data Analytics in the UK

There are several universities across the UK that offer courses on data analytics while proffering all the required knowledge, technical expertise, and understanding required to perform practically. Besides, there are universities that offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the subject.

Top 10 best universities in uk for data science

  1. University of Warwick

    Get a postgraduate degree from the University of Warwick data analytics. The course will help you unleash the huge potential of data analytics.

  2. University of Manchester

    One of the leading universities in the UK, take a full-time MSc Data Science course from here.

  3. University of Strathclyde

    The University of Strathclyde offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in data analytics. It is also regarded as one of the best universities in the country.

  4. University of Lancaster

    At the University of Lancaster, students can opt for the 12 months’ full-time MSc data science course in the United Kingdom. Here, you get to learn both the theory and practical application of business and big data analytics.

  5. University of Liverpool

    The University of Liverpool offers an M.Sc. in Big Data Analytics. The course provides you with the relevant skills that you require to exploit the latent capacity of big data and analytics. It will successfully help you transform businesses through judicious decision-making and planning.

  6. City, University of London

    he Data Science, M.Sc. course at the City, University of London is both intensive and flexible. Develop the skills and knowledge that you require to analyse various data forms and learn to communicate your insights and inferences constructively.

  7. University of Southampton

    A one-year degree in Data Science, M.Sc. from the University of Southampton, provides students with the ability to strengthen their core areas of expertise. The course teaches you to operate high-performance computing clusters and build cloud infrastructures to formulate and apply sophisticated Big Data analytics methodologies.

  8. Birmingham City University

    A Big Data Analytics, M.Sc. from Birmingham City University provides students in-depth knowledge and skills from a computing perspective, in the newer field of big data analytics.

  9. University of Essex

    Enroll into the University of Essex to get a master’s degree in Data Science, that provides students with practical knowledge of large-scale processing of textual data and how you could derive meaningful information from it.

  10. London Metropolitan University

    The London Metropolitan University introduces subjects such as statistical modelling, data mining, data visualization, and business intelligence through its Data Analytics, M.Sc. degree.

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