Building community: How University of La Verne students can get involved on campus

Updated on: Nov 8, 2023
Building community: How University of La Verne students can get involved on campus
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Packing your bags and heading off to University can be daunting for any young person, but even more so if your travels also include a plane ride with a ticket to a brand new way of life! 

A healthy amount of nerves combined with the adrenaline of arriving at your chosen University puts you in a new perspective: this is home. 

The University of La Verne prides itself on its community spirit and the high quality of life students enjoy during their studies! 

Not only is the LA institution #6 in its social mobility performance, but it also has a 79% minority enrollment, making its student body diverse and reflective of people from all walks of life. 

Multiculturalism is not just an abstract idea thought up by the marketing department but an objective point of pride for a University that excels at helping students celebrate their similarities and differences. 

The University is also notorious for helping students to feel a part of one big community.

Join Student Clubs!

Many students look forward to joining clubs to meet like-minded peers who share their interests and cultural backgrounds. 

It’s a chance to express themselves away from the set parameters of academia, with individual expression a crucial part in helping to form the adult they will become. 

These organisations often host events - such as the Cherry Blossom Festival or Cinco de Mayo celebrations, workshops, and social activities, all of which provide students with opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute to the vibrant campus community. 

But why is this important? In a 2022 mental health study conducted in London, 27% of students surveyed said they don't have any friends at University and identified loneliness as a significant issue. 

By joining a student organisation or forming your own student club, you are building a support network for any challenges that arise at University and surrounding yourself with social opportunities.

Student clubs offer the opportunity to make friends within the safety net of organised fun. Conversation topics tend to be positively predictable, allowing international students with a different first language to English to utilise the common phrases they have learned. 

Shared activities where you work towards a shared goal - such as sports, leisure or artistic activities, are psychologically proven to bond people, and many student clubs are centred around hobbies. 

The Greek community has a large presence on campus, with numerous fraternities and sororities focusing on community service and offering a large Greek network. 

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How multicultural is the University of La Verne?

Over 60 countries are represented in the large student body, so the University ensures everyone is fairly included and represented.   

Civic and community engagement is one of the core values at the University, which is apparent by the active presence of the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership coordinating campus events regularly. 

Attending these events not only allows you to broaden your horizons and explore new interests but also enables you to meet and connect with fellow students, faculty, and staff members. 

Students can either take an active or passive role in the kinds of events available on campus thanks to how active the Campus Activities Board is: a nonprofit student organisation that coordinates various programs annually. 

Students feel inspired to take the initiative to explore different opportunities, step out of their comfort zone, and actively engage with the vibrant community at the University of La Verne. 

The commitment to honouring different cultures is so strong that the Center for Multicultural Services collaborates with individuals from numerous departments to coordinate culturally-based graduation celebration ceremonies alongside the University’s commencement ceremonies. 

Rather than a replacement, this is a different ceremony that acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of La Verne students and highlights the accomplishments of individuals within the student’s familial and cultural context. 

LA community service opportunities

The University ranks so highly in social mobility for numerous reasons, with its community focus being one of them. The University often organises community service initiatives, and there are also local organisations and nonprofits in the area that welcome student volunteers. 

By participating in community service, you contribute to the betterment of society and develop valuable skills, gain a deeper understanding of societal issues, and make a positive impact beyond campus boundaries.

The sunny California location makes volunteering in the community even more rewarding as you enjoy the LA sunshine simultaneously. 

California is famed for its laid-back lifestyle and the friendliness of the people, so even small amounts of community service will positively impact mental health and life satisfaction at University.

Students can quickly contact the student union to enquire about local volunteering opportunities, of which plenty exist. 

Google lists 1090 nonprofit organisations in close proximity to the University of La Verne campus, from AgingNext, which provides non-medical programs and services to the ageing community, to the One Love Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, and beyond.

Generation z and social justice causes

Generation Z is known for championing social causes, with a recent study citing the impacts of climate change triumphing as the top cause close to student’s hearts. 

Rather than fulfilling an outdated stereotype of washing down ramen noodles with cheap bottles of beer, students today often opt for home-cooked vegan wraps and mindfulness practices. 

However, all of this is in balance, as even social media apps like TikTok can notify students of volunteering opportunities close to the University of La Verne campus once the algorithm has realised it is interesting. 

Students are utilising technology more than any generation before them, and with the power of the internet condensed into the palm of their hand, they are using it to stay connected. 

The University even offers a list of apps to enhance your spiritual well-being on its website. Some examples include SpiritJunkie, which offers daily affirmations, while Soulvana offers daily inspiration through talks and meditations. 

You can tell how much a University cares about the wellbeing of its students by the offices, initiatives and information it provides to the student body. The University of La Verne is active in encouraging community participation.

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