What is fellowship? Know everything here!

Updated on: May 30, 2024
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What is fellowship? Know everything here!
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Pursuing higher education abroad can seem a little difficult to some owing to their financial constraints. However, financial aid like fellowships can help make study abroad programmes accessible to such candidates. Read ahead to learn about what is a fellowship and its types along with the difference between a fellowship and a scholarship.

What is a fellowship scheme?

Fellowship is defined as a monetary award given to students to subsidise their cost of education. Typically, it is a merit-based scholarship for advanced study of an academic subject.

Commonly used by graduate schools, the term usually means scholarships for students who have earned their college degree and are pursuing additional education.

Notably, fellowships are prizes for which graduate students or postgraduate scholars compete. Fellows are shortlisted depending on their potential to leave a positive, long-lasting mark.

Types of fellowship

There are three major types, including:

  • Graduate Fellowships: They subsidise costs like tuition fees for graduate students. They may also offer a cost-of-living stipend and cover health insurance and fees for academic conferences.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships: These fellowships are meant for people who have recently completed their doctorate but want to devote additional time to study and research. Also, there are some fellowships in this category that not only offer funding for deep-dive courses but also subsidise the cost of an ambitious academic project.
  • Medical Fellowships: Reserved for physicians who have completed a residency, these fellowships help doctors seeking further medical training in a subspecialty.

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Fellowship duration

The duration of a fellowship can vary considering the type and rules of the granting institution. In general, a fellowship lasts at least a year. And, some year-long fellowships can be easily renewed if the candidate meets eligibility requirements at the end of the year.

In addition, it is possible to club several short fellowships to ensure adequate funding for the entire programme duration.

Further, fellowships not only help students gain the necessary financial means to achieve their academic goals but also enhance their professional reputation. A resume displaying fellowship stands out from the crowd easily.

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Things to remember when applying for a fellowship

You need to be mindful of the following things while applying for a fellowship scheme:

  • It is important to identify your goals in order to make the most out of the opportunity
  • Check the eligibility requirements before the application deadline comes
  • Craft your personal statement, cover letter, portfolio and essay responses meticulously, showcasing your experience well
  • Do the necessary research to prepare an amazing project proposal
  • Get honest recommendations, attesting to your strengths and weaknesses
  • During the interview, don’t forget to be real

Fellowship vs scholarship

Here is the difference between a fellowship and a scholarship:

Fellowship Scholarship
They are offered to candidates with good work experience. Usually, fellowships are awarded for doctoral research.They are granted on the basis of academic performance, extra-curricular achievements, and the financial status of a family, amongst other factors.
They are not need-based.Scholarships sometimes consider the needs of students.
Fellowship funding can be used by students to support themselves while pursuing studies.Scholarships are applicable to tuition fees and other related expenses.
Fellowships offer a stipend. They do not offer a stipend.

If you are interested in learning more, then read on to learn how to apply for a scholarship to study abroad.

Knowing what is fellowship and the key differences between a fellowship and a scholarship can help you access the right financial aid to fund your education overseas. If you have any related queries, then book an appointment with Edvoy to get all the answers.

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