What is a Major in education?

Updated on: Jun 3, 2024
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What is a Major in education?
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Do you enjoy imparting knowledge and assisting others? Do you have a strong interest in any particular academic field or subject? If so, you should consider majoring in education. In this article, we’ll discuss what is a major in education, is being a major in education appropriate for you, and how much educators get paid.

What is a major in education?

College students who choose to major in education will be better equipped to instruct others. The major combines the passion to teach with the skill to design captivating classes. It focuses on discovering the best approaches to becoming a teacher. Public policy, educational psychology, and educational history, among others, are common courses for majors.

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What can I do with an education degree?

Education majors are not restricted to teaching after they graduate, despite the fact that it is the most obvious job path for individuals in the profession. Majors in education can investigate careers and graduate programs in:

Is being a major in education appropriate for you?

The area of education is fast-paced, always evolving, and best suited for someone who enjoys a challenge and seeks out variation in their career.

Being an educator means that you are committed to continuously assisting others in developing their intellectual and social abilities. You can never truly know when or where your effect on others will end.

When choosing whether or not to major in education, consider the following questions for yourself:

  • Do I always look for fresh ideas, research, and technologies?
  • Do I have creativity? Do I appreciate taking a variety of angles and finding connections between seemingly unrelated subjects?
  • Do I act with diligence? Do I consciously try to understand the motivation behind my behaviour and think about how I can keep improving?
  • Do I have compassion? Do I try to make the world a better place for everyone around me and do I have empathy for others?
  • Do I communicate well? Do I listen to others with the intention of understanding what they are saying and then look for methods to communicate information in a way that makes sense to a diverse population?

If all of the above questions had a "Yes" response from you, majoring in education might be right for you.

How much do educators get paid?

The majority of occupations in education don't pay much. The average remuneration for an elementary or high school teacher is $45,000. However, university-level educators make much more money—on average, full-time professors make $114,000.

By now, you must have understood what can I do with an education degree. Majoring in education opens doors to diverse career paths beyond teaching. If you're passionate about imparting knowledge and making a difference, this field is for you.

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