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Travelling from Bangladesh to pursue higher education in countries like the UK or USA can be a difficult and expensive process. However, if you come and get help from our study abroad consultants in Dhaka, we can make the application process much more straightforward as well as offer advice and guidance, all for free.

Study Abroad Consultants in Dhaka: Your Gateway to Overseas Education

At Edvoy, we understand the complexities and costs associated with studying abroad. Our dedicated study abroad consultants in Dhaka are here to assist you every step of the way, making your dreams of overseas education a reality. We provide valuable insights, assist in the application process, and guide you through the options available for the upcoming 2024 intakes.

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    Budget includes Tution fees & Living expenses

    Find your right course and institution

    We have over 47,000 courses and institutions for you to choose from and shortlist your favourite options. Our study abroad consultants in Dhaka can also talk through your choices and help you find the right one for your needs.

    Upload your documents just once

    Dealing with multiple applications and the subsequent document submissions can be overwhelming. However, at Edvoy, a study abroad consultancy in Dhaka, we have simplified this process. Our innovative system allows you to upload all your essential documents just once. We'll take care of the tedious task of keeping track and ensure your documents are appropriately submitted, regardless of the number of applications you're making.

    Receive expert guidance with our friendly study abroad counsellors

    Coming in to talk to us means working with the best education consultants in Dhaka. They know everything you need to know to find the best options for you and to help guide you through the process with a smile on their faces.

    Apply for 2024 Intakes with Confidence

    If you're considering applying for the 2024 intakes, trust Edvoy, your trusted partner for study abroad consultation. Our dedicated consultants in Dhaka are eager to help you navigate through the available courses and institutions, ensuring a smooth application process for your desired intake.

    Reach out to our study abroad consultants in Dhaka today, and let's take the first step toward making your dream of studying abroad a reality. With our expertise and dedication to your success, we are here to guide and support you throughout this exciting study abroad journey!

    Book a free session with our study abroad experts in Dhaka!

    Student testimonials:

    "The process was very easy, Edvoy are always available"  
    Maanwi - MSc (Med Sci) Applied Neuropsychology, University of Glasgow

    "For me, my personal experience was really great with Edvoy"  
    Vaibhav - MSc International Business, University of Lincoln

    "I was very comfortable with Edvoy"  
    Srijan - Master of Professional Business Analysis, Victoria University of Wellington

    Worried about how you will afford to study abroad?

    The expense of travelling abroad to study might be off-putting but our education consultants in Dhaka have worked with people from all kinds of backgrounds before. They know all of the financial support that is available, from scholarships to study loans and can help you find the right package to help you achieve your dream.

    See why thousands of hopeful students like you choose Edvoy

    Without Edvoy:  
    Applying for courses with no idea whether you could afford to actually live there or not.

    With Edvoy:
    Our overseas education consultants in Dhaka can help you investigate the cost of living in your chosen destinations and work out budgets to see how much you’d need to be able to live there.

    Without Edvoy:  
    Completing your application successfully and not knowing what to do next.

    With Edvoy:
    The support you receive from us doesn’t end with the application. Even after you’ve been accepted we can help you work out what you need to take, what insurance is required, how to get a visa and even help to settle in once you arrive there.

    Visit us in branch in Dhaka and you get all of this 100% FREE

    • Almost 50,000 courses and institutions for you to browse through and shortlist your favourites
    • Help and advice to find your best options for applications
    • Guidance through the application process
    • An education consultant with experience of overseas study to help you throughout
    • Assistance with the visa application process, including interview tips
    • Budgeting and cost of living advice
    • Checklists to help you plan what you need to take
    • Support settling in and finding part-time work while you’re there

    Book a free session with our study abroad experts in Dhaka!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do educational consultants do?

    Educational consultants offer expert advice and guidance as well as acting as a liaison with the institutions where required.

    Are there any Canada education consultants in Dhaka?

    We have experts helping students go overseas to Canada, as well as the UK, USA, Ireland, New Zealand and Switzerland. 

    What is the fee charged for pursuing Canada education consultants in Dhaka?

    All of our services are completely free.

    How do the Edvoy study abroad consultants in Dhaka help students in university selection?

    We can help you understand what to look for as well as offering advice and guidance with the shortlisting process.

    How much is visa fee from Bangladesh to USA?

    The application fee for a student immigration visa is US$160.

    How much bank balance is required for Canada student visa from Bangladesh?

    Our educational consultants can help you budget how much bank balance you would need to live and study in Canada.

    How can I go to the USA to study from Bangladesh?

    We can help you find the US university and course that suit your needs and work with you through the application process as well as visa applications and preparing you for your travel.

    Where does Edvoy have study abroad consultancy offices?

    Curious about where Edvoy has study abroad consultancy offices? Edvoy has study abroad consultancy offices located in several countries, including the UK, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. We're here to assist you in your international educational journey, not only in Dhaka but in multiple locations. Whether you're specifically searching for "study abroad consultants near me in Dhaka" or seeking guidance in other cities, Edvoy has you covered.

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    • Dhaka
    • Sylhet

    Saudi Arabia

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    Our free end-to-end services include

    Shortlisting universities and courses

    Putting together the required documents needed for the application.

    Submitting applications to the shortlisted universities.

    Serving as a liaison between the universities and the students.

    Assisting in the visa application process.

    Providing pre-departure advice.

    Providing guidance throughout the enrollment process.

    Giving information on the locality of the chosen university.

    Providing information on part-time jobs and post-study work opportunities, and much more.

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    Block #F, Banani, Dhaka – 1213.

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