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Studying abroad gives you the chance to explore different cultures as well as gain qualifications that can help you get into your dream career. But there’s a lot of research needed to find the right course at the right university and even more to then apply. So why not come and see our education consultants in Lahore to get help and support through every step?

Student testimonials:

"The process was very easy, Edvoy are always available"
Maanwi - MSc (Med Sci) Applied Neuropsychology, University of Glasgow

The simple way to study abroad for students who are serious about their future

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    Budget includes Tution fees & Living expenses

    Find your right course and institution

    Finding the right course at the right institution can make your head spin with all the options available. Our education consultants in Lahore are experts at helping students narrow down their choices to a shortlist of favourites.

    Upload your documents just once

    Applying for multiple courses at multiple institutions means needing to keep on finding and uploading the same documents over and over again. Unless you are with Edvoy, in which case you can just do it once and save a lot of time and hassle.

    Receive expert guidance with our friendly counsellors

    Our overseas education consultants in Lahore have helped countless students find their dream course so they have the experience to deal with every situation that might arise for you. So why not take the pressure off yourself and get their help?

    Student testimonials:

    "For me, my personal experience was really great with Edvoy"   
    Vaibhav - MSc International Business, University of Lincoln

    "I was very comfortable with Edvoy"     
    Srijan - Master of Professional Business Analysis, Victoria University of Wellington 

    Worried about how you will afford to study abroad?

    The costs involved with studying abroad can be a major hurdle for some students. But don’t despair, because working with the best education consultants in Lahore means getting advice to help you overcome this hurdle. We can help you work out your budget as well as discover what financial support you might be eligible for.

    See why thousands of hopeful students like you choose Edvoy

    Without Edvoy:     
    Jumping through various hoops on various websites to apply for various universities in various countries.

    With Edvoy     
    Giving your details to your study abroad counsellor and then sitting back and watching as they do their magic with your paperwork. Job done.

    Without Edvoy:     
    Waiting and wondering when - and if - you will hear about whether you've been successful or not with your applications and having no way of finding out.

    With Edvoy     
    Because our counsellors have strong connections with the top universities, they can contact them directly to get updates on your applications. No more waiting and wondering.

    Visit us in branch in Lahore and you get all of this 100% FREE

    • Access to the top educational institutions in the countries you want to study in
    • A simple process to shortlist the courses and universities that are right for you
    • No need to keep uploading your paperwork for every application
    • A dedicated counsellor to walk you through the process
    • Help and advice with your visa application
    • Budgeting and financial advice
    • Pre-departure guidance making sure you take what you need.
    • Career guidance and help finding part-time jobs

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does an educational consultant do?

    Your educational consultant will walk you through the whole application process, from shortlisting courses to managing paperwork, applying for visas and even making sure you’ve packed the right things before you travel. And all for free.

    What are educational consulting services?

    As educational consultants, we are here to help you find the right courses and institutions for your needs when you go to study abroad, as well as making it easier for you to apply with our advice and guidance.

    How much do Edvoy study abroad consultants in Lahore charge?

    All of our services are completely free.

    Which is the cheapest country to study for Pakistani students?

    Our consultants will work with you to find the best and most affordable education in countries such as the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland.

    Is it a good idea to apply to study abroad through educational consultancy?

    If you want to take the stress and strain out of applying to study abroad, as well as benefitting from expert advice and guidance, it’s definitely a good idea to apply through an educational consultancy. 

    Where does Edvoy have study abroad consultancy offices?

    Curious about where Edvoy has study abroad consultancy offices? Edvoy has study abroad consultancy offices located in several countries, including the UK, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. We're here to assist you in your international educational journey, not only in Lahore but in multiple locations. Whether you're specifically searching for "study abroad consultants near me in Lahore" or seeking guidance in other cities, Edvoy has you covered.

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    Our free end-to-end services include

    Shortlisting universities and courses

    Putting together the required documents needed for the application.

    Submitting applications to the shortlisted universities.

    Serving as a liaison between the universities and the students.

    Assisting in the visa application process.

    Providing pre-departure advice.

    Providing guidance throughout the enrollment process.

    Giving information on the locality of the chosen university.

    Providing information on part-time jobs and post-study work opportunities, and much more.

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