Irish scholarships for international students

Learn about the scholarships available to study in Ireland to help with the cost of your international education.

The Republic of Ireland is one of the most affordable study abroad destinations that offers top-quality education. Despite the relatively pocket-friendly tuition fee and living expenses, scholarships can help further ease financial stress. 

Scholarships differ based on the organisation offering it, your university, and your course. There are many options available, and you can find a scholarship apt for you with a little bit of research. 

You can apply to get a full scholarship covering the tuition fee and the other expenses like accommodation and food. You can also opt to apply for partial scholarships covering just the tuition or a part of the tuition. 

Here are some of the most popular Irish scholarships for international students:

Irish government scholarships for international students

The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship

The Government of Ireland offers 60 scholarships for international students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in Irish universities through the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship. The scholarship amount includes a €10,000 stipend and covers the tuition and registration fees.

Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship

The Department of Education and Skills offers the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship to international students pursuing reach-based master’s degrees and doctoral programmes. 

Individual students can apply for this scholarship after their university confirms their admission. The scholarship amount includes a €16,000 stipend, a contribution of €5,750 to the tuition and direct research expenses of €2,250 every year.

The Walsh Fellowship

Teagasc, the Agriculture and Food Development Authority, offers the Walsh Fellowship to 140 students pursuing a doctoral program or a research-based master’s program in agriculture, horticulture, agri-food economics, and rural development. 

The applications are sent in by full-time academic staff working in universities that are in collaboration with Teagasc. The selected staff will then choose one of their students to benefit from the fellowship. The scholarship amount is €22,000 per student.

Note: The scholarships mentioned above are just some of the most famous ones. There are many more organisations offering many scholarship opportunities for international students.

Irish University scholarships for international students

Irish universities encourage diversity and welcome many talented students from all around the world every year. Hence, most Irish universities offer some form of financial aid or scholarship for eligible students in need. Check your university website at the time of application and see if you meet the eligibility criteria to apply. 

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