What are the SAT exam dates and Fees 2022 - 2023?

Updated on: Nov 9, 2022

SAT exam fees apply when you complete the registration process to book an exam date. Also, you must be aware of any upcoming SAT exam dates when booking your place on the test in 2022.

Being aware of the fees and exam dates can help your registration to go smoothly. Also, knowing this information can help to avoid any unexpected late or rescheduling fees.

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In this guide, we explain what the current exam fees are for students in the US and international students too. In addition, we list all of the available exam dates currently available so you can book your place today.

What are the SAT Exam Fees?

Currently, exam fees that cover the SAT registration are $60. However, this cost is only for US students taking the test in this region or if you are in Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

For students in different regions, different test fees will apply.

International Fees

Currently, fees vary depending on where you take the SAT in 2022. The table below shows the College Board’s fees for international students who register for the exam.

Each fee is in addition to the standard $60 fee to register for the SAT. For example, students in Africa would pay $60 plus an additional $43, equalling $103 in total.

Continent or RegionRegistration Fee
The Americas$43
Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau$0
East Asia and Pacific Islands$53
North Africa and the Middle East$47
South Asia and Central Asia$49

Fee Waiver

Some students are eligible for fee waivers, where you can take the SAT exam for free. Fee waivers also come with further benefits, like no college application fees and unlimited score reports.

However, students must meet certain criteria to apply for an SAT fee waiver. For instance, students must be based in the US, Puerto Rico, or U.S. Virgin Islands. Also, students must be in the 11th or 12th grade to qualify for the fee waiver.

Also, If one or more of the following applies, you could receive the SAT fee waiver.

  • You are enlisted in the federal National School Lunch Program.
  • You and/or your family receive federal, state or local support for low-income families.
  • You are an orphan or ward of the state.
  • You are homeless.
  • You are living in foster care.

If you qualify for the SAT fee waiver, you can accept the offer from the College Board through your online account. Then, you are provided with a 12-digit code to use when registering for the SAT exam.

Additional Charges

For US and international students, additional SAT exam fees can apply for various reasons. These include late registration, rescheduling, cancellation and score services.


Firstly, various charges can apply for different issues or lateness for registration. However, the following charge does not apply if you qualified for an SAT fee waiver in the U.S

Below are the registration service fees that can apply for students in the US, Puerto Rico, or U.S. Virgin Islands.

Additional Registration ServiceFee
Changing test centre location$25
Cancelling registration$25
Cancelling registration after the late registration date$35
Late registration fee$30

If you are an international student, the following fees can apply for certain, additional registration services.

Additional Registration ServiceFee
Changing test centre location$24
Cancelling registration$25
Cancelling registration after the late registration date$25
Late registration fee$35

Score Fees

Also, some students might have queries about their scores. For certain score-checking services, such as rush reports or rush reports, an additional fee might be required.

The following fees apply to both US-based and international students taking the SATs.

Additional Score ServiceFee
Additional score reports after nine days of the test date$12 per score report
Receiving the scores quicker (1-4 business days)$31
Receive test scores by telephone $15 per call
Getting archived test scores $31
Question and answer service$16
Student answer service$16
Hand score verification (querying test results and scores)$55

How to Pay the Fee?

Once you have completed the SAT registration, the last step is to enter your payment details to book your exam spot.

Currently, the College Board accepts some different payment methods for the SAT exam fees. These methods are available to users worldwide. However, students in Ghana cannot currently pay their exam fees by using PayPal.

  • Credit Card: American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, and JCB.
  • PayPal: You can either use an existing account or create a new PayPal account to use this method.

SAT Exam Dates 2022

As part of the SAT registration process, students must select their preferred exam date from the list available. Also, you must complete the registration four weeks before the test date to avoid any late registration fees.

2022-23 School Year

Currently, the College Board has dates listed for the remainder of the 2022/23 school year. The current dates go up to June 2023 in the US, but the College Board is expected to add more spring dates in autumn 2022.

For international students, the available dates are different and these include digital exam options for those taking the test from home.

US Dates

Below are the remaining dates for US students in 2022/23.

Date of testRegistration closing date

Deadlines for SAT changes, cancellation,

and late registration

October 1, 2022September 2, 2022September 20, 2022
November 5, 2022October 7, 2022October 25, 2022
December 3, 2022November 3, 2022November 22, 2022
March 11, 2023February 10, 2023February 28, 2023
May 6, 2023April 7, 2023April 25, 2023,
June 3, 2023May 4, 2023May 23, 2023

International Test Dates

The international test dates available for 2022/23 are slightly different. Currently, students cannot book a test on the November test date. Also, the registration dates for changes, cancellations and late registration are sooner compared to US dates. 

Some of these international SAT dates include digital exam options, which we have noted in the table below.

Date of test

Deadlines for SAT changes, cancellation,

and late registration

In-Person or digital
October 1, 2022September 2, 2022In-person
December 3, 2022November 3, 2022In-person
March 11, 2023February 24, 2023Digital
May 6, 2023April 21, 2023Digital
June 3, 2023May 19, 2023Digital

How to Register for a Test

Once you have chosen your preferred SAT date, you can then book to take the test at your preferred test centre. Alternatively, if you are an international student, you can book one of the online test dates.

Registering for a test is straightforward and the entire process can be completed within 30 minutes. However, you can also save your application process and come back to it at a later date.

To book an SAT date, create an online account with the College Board and log in. Then, enter your dates, like your full name, high school and address. Next, upload your photo. Please note that the photo must meet certain criteria. Lastly, choose your exam location, and the date and process your payment.

Once you have completed the test registration, you receive confirmation from the College Board. Also, before test day, you receive an admission ticket. You must bring this with you to your test center on exam day.

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1. What is the SAT exam fee waiver?

Students from lower-income families or backgrounds can take the SAT exam for free. However, you must meet certain criteria to qualify for the exam fee waiver. For more information on this, check out our section above. 

2. How can I pay for the SAT exam?

Students or parents can pay for the SAT exam registration through a credit card or a PayPal account. During registration, you must provide payment details in the final section to book your place on an upcoming SAT exam. 

3. What is the SAT schedule for 2022?

The College Board has available SAT dates between October 2022 and June 2023. Students can check availability through the College Board website. Also, the organisation is expected to release more 2023 dates in autumn 2022. 

4. How long does it take to prepare for the test?

You can register for an SAT exam up to a month before and this gives you plenty of time to prepare for the test content. However, you can also start preparing earlier before the exam to be extra prepared. 

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