Canadian scholarships for international students 

Updated on: Nov 8, 2023

Learn about the scholarships available to study in Canada and make your international education cost-effective and affordable.

Cost is one of the main concerns for international students. The average tuition fee in Canada is C$30,000, but this can vary greatly depending on the university and the course. You also need to take  housing, food, and other living expenses into account. 

With expenses running this high, any scholarships can help relieve some of that financial stress. 

We’ve listed some of the common Canadian scholarships in this article.

Canadian government scholarships for international students

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

All international students pursuing a postgraduate program in Natural Science, Social Science or Healthcare can apply for the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship. The selected students will receive C$70,000 for two years. Note that the scholarship amount is taxable.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program awards talented PhD candidates with a scholarship amount of C$50,000 CAD per year for three years. This scholarship is available to all students (native and international) pursuing their doctorate in Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, or Humanities, at a Canadian university.

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

The Canadian Commonwealth Fellowship Plan chooses exceptionally deserving students from Commonwealth nations and aids them to pursue masters and PhD in Canada. This scholarship  covers various expenses like travel, tuition, and other costs. 

Private scholarships for international students studying in Canada

Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

The Trudeau Scholarship and Fellowships are offered to international students pursuing doctoral programmes at selected Canadian universities. Chosen students will receive C$40,000 for research and C$20,000 for travel allowance each year for three years.

Anne Vallee Ecological Fund

The Anne Vallee foundation offers the Anne Vallee Ecological Scholarship to two international students pursuing a postgraduate program or a doctoral program in animal research. The scholarship amount is C$1,500. Note that this scholarship is only available to students studying in Québec or British Columbia University.

Note: The above-mentioned scholarships are just some of the most notable ones. There are many more organisations offering scholarship opportunities for international students.

Canadian university scholarships for international students

Canada is one of the more welcoming countries for international students. Many Canadian universities have merit scholarships and financial aid programs to assist students. 

Check to see if the university of your choice offers financial assistance at the time of application.

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