What is the easiest scholarship to obtain in Canada? 

Updated on: Aug 23, 2023

It's challenging to pinpoint the single "easiest" scholarship to obtain in Canada, as eligibility criteria, availability and ease of attainment can vary greatly. However, here are a few examples of scholarship categories that might be considered relatively accessible:

  • Automatic Merit-Based Scholarships: Some Canadian universities offer automatic scholarships to students who meet specific GPA or standardised test score thresholds. If you exceed these requirements, you might be considered for a scholarship without having to submit additional applications.
  • Community or Local Scholarships: Some scholarships are offered by community organisations, local businesses or foundations. These might have less competition compared to larger national or international scholarships.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships: Scholarships aimed at promoting diversity and inclusivity might have criteria that align with your background, making you eligible for consideration.
  • Sports or Arts Scholarships: If you excel in sports, arts or other extracurricular activities, you might find scholarships targeted towards these areas.
  • Specific Field Scholarships: Scholarships related to specific fields of study or industries might have less competition if you're pursuing a niche area.

It's important to thoroughly research scholarship opportunities, review eligibility criteria and ensure that the scholarship aligns with your goals and background. While some scholarships may be considered "easier," keep in mind that each scholarship still requires careful application and attention to detail.

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