What do you need to do after getting a conditional offer? 

Updated on: Sep 21, 2023

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Learn how you should proceed if you receive a conditional offer from a university.

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What is a conditional offer?

At times, universities give out conditional offers to certain applicants to show that they are interested in having them as students at their university. This means that the applicant can join the university provided that they meet the conditions in the offer letter.

What are some of the common conditions that universities place?

You will usually get a conditional offer if you haven’t provided all the required documents because of a reasonable situation. 

For instance, if you are applying for a postgraduate course while in the final year of your undergraduate you can get a conditional offer letter stating that you need to get at least 70% in your last semester to secure your place at the university.

Other conditions include,

  • Submit original copies of X document.
  • Show your proof of finance.
  • Get X band in an IELTS test, etc.

What to do after receiving a conditional offer?

Start going through the conditions laid out by the university and decide if you can satisfy them. If you can, work towards meeting the conditions at the earliest. If you don’t think you can fulfil the stated conditions, start looking for other university options. 

As most conditions given by universities are reasonable, most students will not find it challenging to satisfy them. You can have a call with your education advisor at this point to discuss and make a decision.

Note: Do not pay the fee deposit until you satisfy all the conditions, as the offer can be withdrawn if you do not satisfy the conditions.

What is an unconditional offer?

Most students will receive an unconditional offer. This means that the university has accepted your application and that you can pay your deposit and start your pre-departure preparations.

Even if you get a conditional offer, in the beginning, you will get an unconditional offer once you satisfy the university’s conditions.