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Certificate in Cybersecurity

California Lutheran University


The Certificate in\xa0Cybersecurity is a 4-course, affordable option for professionals\nwho need to upgrade their IT skills to meet current market demands.\n

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Technology is playing a significantly increasing role in our society. Organizations\nare becoming\xa0more dependent on sophisticated information systems, mobile technologies,\nInternet of Things, machine learning and cloud computing. All of these technologies\nand systems, however, are vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks.\n

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Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing fields,\xa0and is projected to expand by\n28%\xa0through 2026*. The number of cybersecurity positions that need to be filled is\nskyrocketing, and there is\xa0a large\xa0demand for IT professionals that specialize in\ncybersecurity who can devise strategies\xa0to protect organizational assets from cyberattacks.\n

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$7,140 Per Year

International student tuition fee

6.12 Month


Aug 2024

Start Month

Jul 2024

Application Deadline

Upcoming Intakes

  • August 2024
  • August 2025
  • February 2025
  • August 2026
  • February 2026

Mode of Study

  • Full Time