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About the University

City University of London was originally founded in 1894, with the Inns of Court School of Law being established in 1852. They merged in 2001. 

The university has strong links with the City of London and the Lord Mayor of London, with the main campus being located in the Islington. 

With a strong alumni portfolio, including a Founding Father, leading politicians, Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, governors and CEOs, it has a reputation for excellence.



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Campus Life

The university has a wide range if university accommodation, most within walking distance of campus. There are both flats with shared facilities and en-suite rooms available depending on your preference.

There are also multiple libraries, communal spaces for studying and socialising, as well as specialist facilities. These include a state-of-the-art Optometry Clinic, Adult Nursing Clinical Skills Centre, professional Engineering laboratories and workshops. Sports facilities are also offered to students.

Student life

The City Students' Union is run by students and provides support, representation, facilities, services and entertainment for its students. 

There are two student-run media outlets, as well as a broad range of societies covering everything from faith to political campaigning, academic, cultural and special interest topics. Moreover, there is also a very active range of sports clubs that compete regionally and nationally.  

The university is located within easy reach of the vibrant multi-national hub of London. 


David Lammy (politician), Mahatma Gandhi (campaigner and activist), Clare Hammond (musician), Sebastian Payne (journalist), Bob Kelly (banker), Sophie Raworth (newsreader)

16665 Students
16665 Students

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