De Montfort University Dubai

United Arab Emirates

De Montfort University is a multidisciplinary British university in Dubai. Initially founded in 1870, the institution has evolved into a worldwide hub of learning housing approximately 26,000 students from all over the world.

Known for its high quality learning and research, lecturers at the university have earned awards in the National Teaching Fellowship awards: the most prestigious awards for excellence in higher education.

Over 2,700 international students enrol in courses at the university each year, making the campus a multicultural environment.

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Campus Life

De Montfort University Dubai has many first-rate facilities to offer students due to their continued investment in the student experience. The library contains high volumes of learning materials, both digital and print, with computer laboratories in which students can find a quiet place to study. The cafeterias and dining options present students with healthy food choices. Student common areas are designed for both socialising and relaxation. There is also a specialised laboratory for students to excel in fields such as science, engineering and technology related areas.

City Life

A highly livable city, Dubai is a playground for the ambitious international student. The restaurants cater to a wide range of tastes, there are several nearby coffee shops and the shuttle bus from campus takes students right to the hub of retail activity in the local shopping centre. Safety is rated favourably in Dubai and people travel from all across the globe to live there so international students feel welcome.


The careers department at DMU Dubai assists students and graduates to make sensible career choices by providing a thorough careers guidance and information service. Employability skills are emphasised by the CV and cover letter writing services provided to students.


The primary language of instruction at DMU Dubai is English.

International students will need to apply for a student visa to study at DMU Dubai. The university's admissions office can provide guidance on the visa application process.

The academic calendar can usually be found on the university's official website.

The acceptance rate for DMU Dubai is 45%, making it a highly selective university.

Numerous scholarships are available at De Montfort University Dubai. The International Year Zero progression award International students scholarships help students in educational or financial need to access their highly rated courses. The Community engagement scholarship rewards community-minded students who can prove their efforts while the sports scholarship provides a pathway for athletically talented students to study at the university. Academic merit scholarships are also awarded at DMU Dubai to enable hardworking students who excel academically to study at the University.


Approx. 2,700

No. of international students


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