MRes in Nano-Safety Research


The Nanosafety Research Group is a multi-disciplinary research group that conducts work to assess the potential human and environmental effects of nanomaterials, encompassing human and environmental toxicology as well as microbiology. Nanotechnology involves the development and use of materials and objects at the nanoscale (1-100nm). To put the size range of interest into perspective, the size of nanomaterials is comparable to that of the molecules that make up cells, like DNA and proteins. Products generated using nanotechnology are being developed all the time and have the potential to offer many benefits. These products range from electronic gadgets and medicines to food additives and cosmetics, with applications ranging from the remediation of contaminated sites in the environment to stain and odour resistant clothing.

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£15,672 Per Year

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2 Years


Sep 2024

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Aug 2024

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  • September 2024

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