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Latin is a classical language that was first spoken centuries ago in ancient Rome. While Latin is no longer a spoken language today, it certainly influences the world around us. Latin terms appear in such important disciplines as medicine, law and the sciences. Latin is part of our everyday vocabulary; for instance, when you graduate from Marshall University, you’ll either be an alumnus (male) or an alumna (female).

Marshall University, which is located in Huntington, West Virginia, offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Latin.

Studying Latin is an excellent foundation in the liberal arts and gives you the ability to read some of the world’s best literature, history and philosophy. Learning Latin helps with English grammar and prepares you to more easily learn other languages like Spanish.

The study of a foreign language like Latin also helps you develop critical thinking skills—increased powers of observation, analysis, logical reasoning, memory and adaptability—that are immediately transferable to other areas of higher education and to a diversity of careers.

Marshall University is the only four-year institution in the state of West Virginia that offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Latin. These degree programs are part of Marshall’s Department of Classics which also offers a bachelor’s degree program in Classics, and minors in Latin, Greek and Classics.

At Marshall University, Latin is taught in an interdisciplinary environment that encourages students to explore adjunct fields, including art, art history, archaeology, architecture, engineering, Ancient Greek, history, philosophy and sociology.

Latin majors benefit from small class sizes that ensure personalized faculty attention and create a sense of camaraderie with other students. Two student organizations are especially relevant for Latin majors to foster social and academic activities: Marshall University Classical Association and Eta Sigma Phi, which is a national honorary association for the strengthening of classical learning throughout the United States.

Marshall students enjoy full campus life with many opportunities to play sports, or be part of the Student Government Association, the Campus Advisory Board, Greek Life, or many other cultural, political or religious organizations. Latin majors also can take advantage of these opportunities:

Marshall Latin majors learn important skills to prepare for a wide range of professions, including: oral and written communication skills, public speaking; cultural diversity knowledge; foreign language and translational skills; critical thinking and research skills.

Studies show that students who pursue bachelor’s degrees in Latin or Classics tend to do better on standardized tests like the LSAT and GRE, and have a higher acceptance into medical school. Recent reports also say that Silicon Valley is seeking more graduates with liberal arts or humanities degrees to bring in new ways of thinking and innovation.

Many Marshall students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Latin go into writing and editing careers, diplomacy, business, education, academia, law, medicine, archaeology and art. The job placement rate for Marshall graduates with a bachelor’s in Latin is 100%. Marshall’s most recent graduates with Latin degrees are in such positions as doctor, writer, insurance agent, ballet instructor, documentary producer, education technologist, high school teacher and university administrator.

Other careers associated with Latin degree graduates include: second language instructor, English second language instructor, Latin language instructor, cultural diversity coordinator, translator, archivist, journalist, publisher/editor, attorney, community cultural coordinator, consultant, legislator, policy analyst and research analyst.

After earning their bachelor’s degree in Latin, students can choose to go on for graduate study at Marshall for a Master of Arts (MA) in Latin through the College of Liberal Arts or a Master of Arts in Teaching through the College of Education and Human Services. 

After graduation, Latin majors also go on to other top-ranked programs at such institutions as William & Mary, Columbia University, Boston University and the University of Washington, Seattle.

As part of Marshall’s Classics Department, Latin majors find a welcoming environment, including a dedicated student study room. Latin majors also can take advantage of additional support from a designated tutor in Marshall’s Tutoring Center.

Latin language students have the opportunity to present papers at undergraduate conferences and at regional conferences hosted by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South. These student paper presentations are drawn from classwork and enable students to work with faculty to prepare their ideas for an academic audience. A requirement for a Latin major’s capstone course is a public presentation of a paper, so students can share their ideas with a wider public. Students have also earned grants for scholarships that require close work with professors.

Marshall students in the bachelor’s degree in Latin program also choose to get hands-on experience through editorial internships at publishing houses and also with private foundations like the Paideia Institute.

The Department of Classical Studies has two student organizations which allow Latin majors and other students to meet informally for both social and academic activities:

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